Case Studies

AMR-s implementation: among Europe’s largest

Radial entered into a strategic partnership with Dematic, a leading provider of intelligent automation technology, to drive efficiency gains, enhance flexibility, and ensure future scalability, all aimed at optimizing both customer and employee experiences. By leveraging a blend of robotics, AI technologies, and human expertise within Radial’s Groningen facility, the company has achieved a 4x increase in picking performance and a 1.5x increase in packing performance for its fashion customer.  It can swiftly anticipate shifts in order volumes and respond with agility.

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Tailored 3PL Drives Sales

Quanticlo is a successful social selling fashion brand with over 1 million Instagram followers. In 2022 it outsourced its ecommerce fulfillment to Radial Europe to increase customer satisfaction, minimise errors and deliver within 24 hours.

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Radial’s Automation Partnership with doTERRA

The partnership between doTERRA and Radial Europe began in 2012 with modest orders. As doTERRA expanded into new European markets like Romania, Lithuania, and Latvia, sales and order volumes increased significantly. To maintain their commitment to quality and timely order fulfilment, doTERRA sought a trustworthy, flexible, and fast-acting 3PL partner in the heart of Europe. In August 2019, doTERRA and Radial solidified their cooperation with a permanent agreement, recognizing Radial’s ability to meet their evolving needs.

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Paul Valentine’s Unboxing Experience

Paul Valentine, a German-based jewelry brand, has achieved remarkable growth by focusing on high-quality, handcrafted pieces and a commitment to customer experience. A strong partnership with Radial Europe ensures fast and reliable fulfillment, with efficient order processing and scalability during peak seasons.

To further strengthen customer relationships, Paul Valentine partnered with tech platform Penny Black and Radial’s Value-Added Services unit to personalize the unboxing experience with inserts to increase customer engagement.

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Neom Selects Radial as Partner of Choice

Neom identified Radial as their partner of choice to help facilitate their entry to the US market. After a thorough evaluation of various fulfillment and transportation solution providers, Neom determined that Radial was its best fit to launch B2B operations first, followed by B2C operations a year later.

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