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Daniel Falkena

Groningen, Netherlands

Daniel, a logistics professional in B2C, prioritizes exceptional customer service at optimal costs. His operations background fosters a practical approach to problem-solving. He values open communication and teamwork, and is expanding his expertise into project management.

Kasia Wilczek

Manchester, UK

“A smile is the best makeup a girl could wear” =)

Kamil Zieliński

Warsaw, Poland

Kamil is an expert in logistics with a degree from Warsaw University of Technology. He’s navigated the intricacies of transportation for over 15 years. His journey, spanning various roles from hazardous materials to courier networks, has evolved into a passion for crafting transport solutions for the dynamic world of e-commerce and fulfillment.

Caio Greco

Caio brings a wealth of experience across logistics operations, supply chain, finance, and marketing. He has a proven track record in leading cost reduction projects, managing budgets and contracts, overseeing maintenance and planning activities, and implementing pricing strategies. Caio holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Instituto Mauá de Tecnologia, São Paulo, Brazil. He graduated with an MBA from ESADE Business School.

Sarah Harvey

Manchester, UK

Sarah is a seasoned professional with extensive experience in client management, sales, and operations in the e-commerce industry. As the UK Site Manager at Radial, she leads strategic initiatives and oversees client onboarding, client success, and sales operations. Sarah is dedicated to ensuring the successful launch of new clients across Europe, managing existing client relationships, and driving sales growth through tailored solutions. Sarah’s diverse experience and expertise make her a valuable asset in driving success and growth for Radial and its clients.

Patricio Parra Galia

Groningen, Netherlands

Patricio has extensive experience in network administration and support, having worked at ACF Capital S.A. and Laboratorio Biosano, in Chile. He holds a postgraduate degree in Project Management and an engineering degree in Telecommunications, Connectivity, and Networks. He is passionate about assisting both internal and external users in resolving their IT-related issues and participating in projects improving service to Radial clients.

“Moving to the Netherlands from Chile was not easy, especially considering that my wife and I landed in this country in the midst of the pandemic. But we got through😊. I miss a typical Chilean dish called “Pastel de choclo,” made from ground corn, but that’s somehow compensated by the Dutch canals and windmills, which form some truly unique, beautiful landscapes.”

Patryk Kwintal

Warsaw, Poland

Patryk oversees pricing strategy development and collaborates with cross-functional teams to track cost movements and analyze price changes. He also plays a pivotal role in developing pricing proposals for new customers and service offerings to drive business growth. Additionally, Patryk monitors market trends and competitor pricing to maintain a competitive edge. Prior to his current role, he held various positions in business analysis, project management, and pricing, contributing to his extensive expertise in the field.

Denny Kalmring


Denny is an experienced professional with over 22 years in the fashion industry. Serving as the Area Sales Manager for North-East Germany for over 13 years, he represented a portfolio of 18 renowned brands. His expertise extends across online retailers, wholesalers, and traditional retailers. He excels in driving growth and fostering strong industry relationships.

Magdalena Najmanowicz

Warsaw, Poland

Magda is an efficient Project Manager skilled in logistics planning, risk management, and execution. With a background in logistics since 2008, specializing in e-commerce and healthcare, transitioning from Account Manager to Project Manager roles. Joined Radial in 2021 to facilitate seamless client implementations, concentrating on operations, automation, WMS, and transportation. Currently overseeing Radial Europe’s Project Managers team since 2023.


Ron Kleinsmit

Groningen, Netherlands

Ron brings a wide range of skills and experience to the team. He founded Dreamflights, a company specializing in hot-air balloon flights. After successfully selling his company managed operations and procurement for an industrial bakery procurement agency. Later, he led operations at Portena Logistiek, eventually becoming CEO before its sale to Nedcargo in 2021. Following this, he focused on consultancy in the logistics sector. In 2023, he joined Radial Europe.

Ron lives in Frisia with his wife and three children. When not coaching hockey or hitting on the slopes, he enjoys music, singing, and playing guitar.

Jan Dierckx

Jan leverages two decades of IT expertise. He has worked on a wide range of projects, including e-commerce solutions, customer relationship management (CRM) systems, and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. He is an expert in cloud computing and big data analytics and advocate for the use of technology to improve business performance and customer experience.

Ruben Tiben

Groningen, Netherlands

Ruben oversees the integration of new customers into the facility in Groningen and drives continuous improvement of existing processes. Formerly, Ruben managed logistics for a Dutch online retail leader, guiding the company to market dominance. At IKEA, he led outbound operations, innovating direct-to-customer delivery strategies. Renowned for his focus on efficiency and customer satisfaction, Ruben is committed to optimizing processes and advancing industry growth.

Alyah Kauser

Manchester, UK

Alyah joined Radial Europe in 2020, taking on a part-time position while studing Banking & Finance. In mid 2022, she sized an opportunity for the Manager Traineeship. She embarked on a two-year journey through every department, unravelling the inner workings of the business, and a number of Radial Europe sites, where she can actively contribute to ongoing projects.

“This is a once in a lifetime opportunity which I am so grateful for. It allows me to build my experience in all areas of an e-commerce and logistics company. I spent time at the Radial Europe facilities in the UK, Poland and the Netherlands to support the management team to go live in various departments. I look forward to developing new skills and hopefully staying here for many years to come!”

Viktor Iwanow

Kassel and Staufenberg, Germany

Viktor started in logistics at SMA Solar Technology AG in 2009, gaining expertise in logistics, operations, and transport management. Roles in the military and automotive sectors broadened his skills. Joining Geodis as a supervisor marked his entry into ecommerce. As Operations Manager, he led teams of up to 450 employees achieving milestones with Amazon as a client. In 2020 he joined Radial, embracing the challenge of site operations.

Russian-born Viktor settled in Germany at age 9. He enjoys time with his partner, gym, mountain biking, and American football.

Erik van Dee


Erik is a dynamic and creative ecommerce professional dedicated to revolutionizing business supply chain and transport ecosystems through Radial’s cutting-edge solutions. With a passion for driving innovation, committed to delivering best results for his clients. Since 2017, focused on warehousing & fulfillment, with a specialized emphasis on e-commerce logistics. Leveraging his experience and expertise, he elevates success for brands, retailers, and online shops, by designing and implementing tailored and innovative fulfillment solutions.

Bert Hellinx

Groningen, Netherlands

Bert’s journey into logistics began in 2005, instantly drawn to the fast-paced environment from the very beginning. Over two decades, he has gained lots of experience working with various sectors, including spare parts, consumer goods, and healthcare. It’s in the recent years, however, that he has discovered what his true passion is: using his experience to help customers solve their unique problems.

Tomasz Okowiak

Warsaw, Poland

Tomasz is a highly experienced operations professional and an inspirational executive with over 20 years of experience in the logistics industry. He has an extensive background in the EU market, operations, transport, budgeting, and OPS projects. In December 2006, Tomasz founded a logistics company in Poland, demonstrating his entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to the industry. He is client-oriented, strategic-thinking, and always committed to delivering the best possible results for his clients.

Iris Vergote


Iris is a seasoned professional adept in project management, customer service, production planning, and business control with a Master’s in Applied Economics. Currently, she focuses on sales process optimization and data analysis. Iris particularly appreciates an international environment, close contact with diverse departments and individuals from various backgrounds, and an open culture. Outside work, she’s a dedicated “soccer mom” to her two boys.

Mark Payne

Manchester, UK

Mark oversees operations at the distribution center in Oldham, UK. His commitment, insights, and passion for excellence have made a significant impact on the success of our center in the Manchester area. Mark has extensive experience in operations management across various organizations in the United Kingdom: he served as RDC Manager at Rexel Warrington, as Operations Manager at @Sainsburys Argos, as Warehouse Manager at Home Retail Group PLC, and as Goods Flow Manager at IKEA.

An experienced rugby coach, Mark is also very active in volunteering, currently involved in coaching at both Sedgley Park and Lancashire County Rugby clubs.

Dries De Love


Dries leads Radial’s European operations. He is responsible for fulfilment, transportation, customer care and omnichannel technology divisions. Before joining Radial, Dries led his own consultancy business, assisting leading European retailers with their logistics needs. With a wealth of fulfillment experience, Dries also held senior positions at global logistics and port operator, Katoen Natie. Dries earned a Master’s in economic studies from the EHSAL management school and a Master’s in General Management from the Vlerick Business School.

Andreas Kreickmann


Andreas has over 20 years of experience in B2B and B2C marketing and sales. He embodies the ethos of ‘Think globally – act locally.’ His expertise encompasses international retail, e-commerce, order fulfillment, and customer service processes, rendering him fluent in global business dynamics. Andreas specializes in international multi-channel and omni-channel business. He has forged a reliable network within the German and European Retail & ECommerce Industry. He excels in crafting tailored strategies to sustainably scale international ecommerce businesses.

Rebecca Allen

Louisville, KY, USA

“I find working at Radial to be a rewarding experience. I have grown so much since I’ve been here. I’ve been able to fulfill many roles, gained so much knowledge and grateful for the opportunities I’ve had.”

Matteo Pignataro

Milan, Italy

Matteo spent 10 years in logistics and transport before moving to Radial Italia. One of the most exciting projects he’s taken part, so far, was the onboarding of doTERRA International LLC, the essential oils market leader. Matteo’s role was absolutely key in optimizing the workspace layouts and navigating regulatory requirements.

Matteo recharges with meditation. Among his hobbies are also, rock music and supernatural movies (films that feature paranormal phenomena).

Piotr Kowalski

Warsaw, Poland

“I joined Radial Poland in 2019 as a colleague in the warehouse. What drew me in was the welcoming environment and the promise of growth. Fast forward to today, and I’m proud to say I’ve evolved into a junior team leader, wearing multiple hats as a returns and logistics coordinator.”

“Beyond the workplace, I find my energy and creativity in the great outdoors. Whether it’s hiking in the mountains, playing sports, or listening to music, these activities rejuvenate me and fuel my drive for action and self-improvement.”

Ilaria Raniero

Boston, Massachusetts, USA

“What motivates me first and foremost is my team. We are very collaborative within the larger engineering team. As part of this – and within Radial as a whole – there is a real desire to support and elevate employees’ differences as a strength. I am part of the DE&I Council and am constantly impressed with the investments Radial makes in ensuring we have an inclusive and supportive work environment.”

Bassem Halim

Melbourne, Florida, USA

“My job involves managing a team of supervisors who all have agents reporting to them, so I oversee those agent relationships in terms of engagement, coaching and overall support. A large part of my role is helping to develop the supervisors that report to me by rounding out their skill sets and supporting them with their career goals. As a manager, I love witnessing and contributing to their growth and being able to pass along the valuable lessons that I have learned throughout my career. The truth is that no two days are the same. My role is very dynamic, which keeps it interesting and fun.”

Mike Linge

Staufenberg, Germany

“It’s incredible how far I’ve come since joining Radial in March 2020 as a forklift driver. The dynamic environment and constant learning opportunities drew me in, and I’ve never looked back. From Task Assignor to Junior Team Leader, and now overseeing the outbound department as a Team Leader, it’s been a whirlwind two years!”

“Beyond work, my inspiration comes from our countryside farm, where my family and I find peace and inspiration. It’s the perfect counterbalance to the fast-paced energy of my role at Radial.”

Torey Weston

Groveport, Ohio, USA

“I love to see projects come to fruition that make operations more efficient and other people’s jobs easier.”

Robert Muncy

Louisville, KY, USA

“The best lesson I have learned is that you’re only as good as your workforce ― Radial’s associates make the company what it is! I’ve held many roles within Radial, and I rely on my previous experiences as an associate when navigating issues or challenges others may have. It’s also integral to show and tell employees that you appreciate their hard work. I think this attitude helps create a welcoming environment for everyone.”

Cheikh Barry

New York, New York, USA

“I’m passionate about problem-solving and delivering projects on time. I enjoy developing new IT solutions that make shipping more efficient and solving issues for customers to make them smile. I like that my job entails interacting with people from different backgrounds. IT and supply chain are truly global industries.”

Ganesh Krishnamoorthy

Chennai, India

“One thing that motivates me is the opportunity to tackle challenges in an innovative and creative manner while creating an environment that welcomes deliberation and ideation. There is more than one solution to a problem, especially in tech. This is a lesson I implement across work and it’s always enlightening when exercised.”