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Health & beauty, wellness, cosmetics, fashion and direct sales: dozens of industry-leading brands trust Radial as their key partner for ecommerce fulfillment solutions.

What we do, in numbers

  • 4,800
  • 22,000
    Employees per peak
  • 35+
  • 2 mln m²
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Radial global network

Streamlining ecommerce fulfillment

35+ ecommerce fulfillment centres across Europe, USA, Asia: customized 3PL storage and operations, quick and cost-effective order delivery.

Radial offers a comprehensive suite of e-commerce fulfillment solutions designed to help businesses optimize their order fulfillment process. Our extensive network of distribution centers, flexible transportation options, and advanced omnichannel technologies ensure efficient delivery to meet the customer expectations.

30+ years of ecommerce expertise

Deliver distinctive, differentiated customer experiences.

Radial is an entrepreneurial and agile organization centered on our clients with a proven track record delivering strong peak management, successful launches, and quick expansion to new geographies. As part of bpostgroup, Radial has the strength and stability to invest alongside customers, an established network in the last-mile delivery community, and a commitment to sustainable solutions.

Ecommerce fulfillment 

Integrated logistics

Discover our integrated fulfillment. With a strong technology backbone, we enable seamless integration, real-time end-to-end order visibility, and business intelligence to help health and beauty, wellness, fashion, luxury and sportswear brands build customer loyalty.  See how our personalized, flexible, and scalable fulfillment solutions can help your to improve your ecommerce efficiency and increase your profitability. 

Tailored automation

The best partner for each solution

Radial Europe partners with the best possible hardware and software automation providers to implement  solutions where robots collaborate with human employees to achieve significant efficiency gains.

Last mile services

Ship orders anywhere, faster and easier

Deliver orders faster at a lower cost with Radial’s cutting-edge transportation solutions and unmatched expertise in the industry.

Value-added services

Personalization: boost customer loyalty and sales.

VAS (value-added services) options are a great way to boost branding, support marketing campaigns, execute a personalization strategy for a stellar customer experience, from the webstore to the end customer’s front door.

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Forget one-size-fits-all solutions

Radial Europe empowers mid-market and enterprise brands with tailored, scalable fulfillment solutions. Our comprehensive strategies ensure seamless order fulfillment, from cart to customer, giving you a competitive edge in today’s market. Experience the difference with Radial Europe: improve customer experience, streamline operations, and unlock your growth potential.

Distribution center in Groningen, Netherlands.

Case Studies

Radial’s Automation Partnership with doTERRA

The partnership between doTERRA and Radial Europe began in 2012 with modest orders. As doTERRA expanded into new European markets like Romania, Lithuania, and Latvia, sales and order volumes increased significantly. To maintain their commitment to quality and timely order fulfilment, doTERRA sought a trustworthy, flexible, and fast-acting 3PL partner in the heart of Europe. In August 2019, doTERRA and Radial solidified their cooperation with a permanent agreement, recognizing Radial’s ability to meet their evolving needs.

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Tailored 3PL Drives Sales

Quanticlo is a successful social selling fashion brand with over 1 million Instagram followers. In 2022 it outsourced its ecommerce fulfillment to Radial Europe to increase customer satisfaction, minimise errors and deliver within 24 hours.

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Paul Valentine’s Unboxing Experience

Paul Valentine, a German-based jewelry brand, has achieved remarkable growth by focusing on high-quality, handcrafted pieces and a commitment to customer experience. A strong partnership with Radial Europe ensures fast and reliable fulfillment, with efficient order processing and scalability during peak seasons.

To further strengthen customer relationships, Paul Valentine partnered with tech platform Penny Black and Radial’s Value-Added Services unit to personalize the unboxing experience with inserts to increase customer engagement.

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RetailDetail Night – Antwerp

With renowned speakers from the retail sector, networking opportunities and a dinner in an exclusive setting what a way to end the year for RetailDetail!

If you’re going why not catch up with Evy Van Herck, Sales Director, from our Radial Europe team who is also attending.

K5 – Summit of the Digital Retail Scene

As the leading e-commerce event, the K5 Conference brings together innovative technologies, global networking and real-world knowledge to provide attendees with a holistic experience with industry-leading insights and business opportunities.

If you are attending, why not catch up with Andreas Kreickmann, Senior Sales Director , Radial Europe and have a chat about innovation in ecommerce fulfillment!

Outdoor by ISPO 2024 – Munchen

This event titled “Think out of the door” is placed as the largest, global platform for the outdoor community.

With many outdoor brands exhibiting and the “who’s who” of the outdoor industry it’s a place to network and get a good overview of the market.

Andreas Kreickmann, Senior Sales Director, will be there to represent Radial Europe, why not get in touch and catch up with him at the event and discuss all thing ecommerce fulfillment and transport.

E-Commerce Expo 2024 – Stockholm

With over 3,900 visitors, 650 delegates and 250 exhibitors the E-Commerce Expo in Stockholm is an optimal gathering for anyone in e-commerce.

Whether you’re interested in optimizing your online store, improving the customer experience, simplifying your sustainability efforts, or maximizing your digital presence, you’ll find the tools and knowledge you need to succeed at this E-Commerce Expo.

Attending for Radial Europe will be Joakim Garint, Sales Director – why not meet up and discuss your ecommerce fulfillment and transport requirements and see what Radial Europe could design for your business.

Netcomm Forum 2024 Milan

Netcomm Forum is the leading event for the Italian digital industry that has been accompanying the development of e-commerce and digital transformation of companies for the past nineteen years.

Promoted by Netcomm, the Italian Digital Commerce Consortium, Netcomm Forum represents a unique opportunity for players in the digital ecosystem to come together to discuss on e-commerce, digital retail and business innovation spurred by the evolving digital scenario.

Radial is present with Matteo Petruzzellis, Marketing Director Europe, to talk all things 3PL.

Radial has a network of 35+ distribution centers, across US and Europe, and one in Italy. Depending on the customers’ requirements, we can rent or buy any other space. 

Read more

e-Commerce Day – Cologne – 26 April 2024

This e-Commerce Day event includes inspiring lectures, practical masterclasses along with a large exhibitor area and numerous opportunities for networking.

Radial Europe will be there with Andreas Kreickmann, Senior Sales Director, to discuss all things 3pl and fulfillment – why not get in touch and meet up!

With a presence across Europe, the UK, US and of course Germany we offer the best ecommerce fulfillment that is purpose built for businesses of all sizes.

RetailDetail Congress 2024

The RetailDetail Congress is on it’s way – 25 April 2024!

Looking to provide “an ocean of inspiration and innovation” navigating the retail world.

With speakers from such companies as Jysk, Stichd, The Good Roll and many more what’s not to like?

Evy Van Herck, Sales Director, from our team is attending – why not catch up with her at the event and talk all things fulfillment!

Nordic Fitness Expo – Sweden

This expo showcases both local brands and international companies alongside competitions such as the European Championship Qualifier &  Nordic Cub where hundreds of athletes have the opportunity to quality for the Swedish European Championship national team!

Will you be there – one of our team – Joakim Garint, Sales Director, is planning to attend – why not catch up with him to have a chat about ecommerce fulfillment!

Dematic – Meeting 299 Robots Radial Groningen, The Netherlands

An opportunity to hear about the challenges that led to the decision to invest in automation, what that journey looked like – plus a look behind the scenes to see these robots in action!

Hosted by Dematic this event (in Dutch only)  is a chance to really understand what happens when a company makes the decision to move into automation in a big way!

ecommerce Italia – April 2024

The 18th edition of “Ecommerce Italy” will be held in Milan in April this year.

This event will have a large participation of professionals from the ecommerce world – exploring innovations, current trends and market evolutions plus much more.

One of our team, Matteo Petruzzellis, will be in attendance why not catch up with him to explore innovative and tailored fulfillment solutions from Radial Europe!

Cosmoprof Worldwide 2024 Bologna

Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna, a landmark event for more than 50 years is where companies do business and the perfect stage for the beauty trend-setters to present breakthrough product launches and innovative solutions.

Our team, Billy Ross, Matteo Petruzzellis and Joakim Garint attended this amazing event to talk all things 3pl fulfillment


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Shoptalk Spring

Shoptalk will be held at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas on Sunday-Wednesday, March 17-20, 2024

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