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Tailored, personalized, and scalable solutions for growing ecommerce brands across Europe and North America.

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Health & beauty, wellness, cosmetics, fashion and direct sales: dozens of industry-leading brands trust Radial as their key partner for ecommerce fulfillment solutions.

What we do, in numbers

  • 4,800
  • 22,000
    Employees per peak
  • 35+
  • 2 mln m²
    Fulfillment capacity
Radial global network

Streamlining ecommerce fulfillment

35+ ecommerce fulfillment centres across Europe, USA, Asia: customized 3PL storage and operations, quick and cost-effective order delivery.

Radial offers a comprehensive suite of e-commerce fulfillment solutions designed to help businesses optimize their order fulfillment process. Our extensive network of distribution centers, flexible transportation options, and advanced omnichannel technologies ensure efficient delivery to meet the customer expectations.

30+ years of ecommerce expertise

Deliver distinctive, differentiated customer experiences.

Radial is an entrepreneurial and agile organization centered on our clients with a proven track record delivering strong peak management, successful launches, and quick expansion to new geographies. As part of bpostgroup, Radial has the strength and stability to invest alongside customers, an established network in the last-mile delivery community, and a commitment to sustainable solutions.

Ecommerce fulfillment 

Integrated logistics

Discover our integrated fulfillment. With a strong technology backbone, we enable seamless integration, real-time end-to-end order visibility, and business intelligence to help health and beauty, wellness, fashion, luxury and sportswear brands build customer loyalty.  See how our personalized, flexible, and scalable fulfillment solutions can help your to improve your ecommerce efficiency and increase your profitability. 

Tailored automation

The best partner for each solution

Radial Europe partners with the best possible hardware and software automation providers to implement  solutions where robots collaborate with human employees to achieve significant efficiency gains.

Last mile services

Ship orders anywhere, faster and easier

Deliver orders faster at a lower cost with Radial’s cutting-edge transportation solutions and unmatched expertise in the industry.

Value-added services

Personalization: boost customer loyalty and sales.

VAS (value-added services) options are a great way to boost branding, support marketing campaigns, execute a personalization strategy for a stellar customer experience, from the webstore to the end customer’s front door.

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Forget one-size-fits-all solutions

Radial Europe empowers mid-market and enterprise brands with tailored, scalable fulfillment solutions. Our comprehensive strategies ensure seamless order fulfillment, from cart to customer, giving you a competitive edge in today’s market. Experience the difference with Radial Europe: improve customer experience, streamline operations, and unlock your growth potential.

Distribution center in Groningen, Netherlands.

Case Studies

Radial’s Automation Partnership with doTERRA

The partnership between doTERRA and Radial Europe began in 2012 with modest orders. As doTERRA expanded into new European markets like Romania, Lithuania, and Latvia, sales and order volumes increased significantly. To maintain their commitment to quality and timely order fulfilment, doTERRA sought a trustworthy, flexible, and fast-acting 3PL partner in the heart of Europe. In August 2019, doTERRA and Radial solidified their cooperation with a permanent agreement, recognizing Radial’s ability to meet their evolving needs.

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Tailored 3PL Drives Sales

Quanticlo is a successful social selling fashion brand with over 1 million Instagram followers. In 2022 it outsourced its ecommerce fulfillment to Radial Europe to increase customer satisfaction, minimise errors and deliver within 24 hours.

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Paul Valentine’s Unboxing Experience

Paul Valentine, a German-based jewelry brand, has achieved remarkable growth by focusing on high-quality, handcrafted pieces and a commitment to customer experience. A strong partnership with Radial Europe ensures fast and reliable fulfillment, with efficient order processing and scalability during peak seasons.

To further strengthen customer relationships, Paul Valentine partnered with tech platform Penny Black and Radial’s Value-Added Services unit to personalize the unboxing experience with inserts to increase customer engagement.

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RetailDetail Night – Antwerp

With renowned speakers from the retail sector, networking opportunities and a dinner in an exclusive setting what a way to end the year for RetailDetail!

If you’re going why not catch up with Evy Van Herck, Sales Director, from our Radial Europe team who is also attending.

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Emerce EDAY 2024

With so much uncertainty in the world today, connection – in all senses and in all its applications – is potentially our strongest tool. What a time to experience Emerce EDAY 2024 and prepare for a day that is at your speed, exactly for your need, and designed to put you in the lead. At Emerce Eday you can meet your entire network, and then some, on October 3rd at Kromhouthal in Amsterdam.

Jeroen Kammers, European Sales Director for Radial Europe is attending this event, why not catch up with him about ecommerce, fulfillment and much, much more!

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EHI Connect

EHI Connect brings together everyone who is united by an enthusiasm for online retail. The event will highlight the most important developments and trends in e-commerce in a wide variety of formats. Practical lectures on a wide variety of topics, interactive workshops and a panel discussion will take place.

We will be there, will you? Why not meet up with Andreas Kreickmann and catch up about what Radial Europe could do for your ecommerce business!

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Supply Chain Summit – Hamburg

The annual congress for decision-makers, specialists and executives from the fields of logistics and supply chain management in the fashion industry.

The TW Supply Chain Summit, which is already entering its 16th round, will take place in Hamburg in autumn in 2024. The established industry get-together offers players in the fashion industry a comprehensive overview of how they can optimise not only their logistics, but also the entire value chain and thus their company’s success.

Well-known speakers as well as supply chain managers and logistics managers from the international fashion industry will explain key industry trends and provide exclusive insights into their strategies. In addition to keynote speeches by experts, best practice examples from leading brand providers and innovative start-ups offer participants real added value.

Andreas Kreickmann, Senior Sales Director is planning to attend, what about catching up with him to share insights about all that is ecommerce logistics?


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Transport & Logistics Flanders Expo

For two days, all transport and logistics professionals come together to network, gather information and inspiration and do business. All this in a casual but professional setting where experience is central.

More than 250 exhibitors and +4000 visitors, a range of conferences and the right target audience with decision-making power make Transport & Logistics a must for everyone active in the sector.

If you’re attending why not meet up with Erik van Dee, Sales Director Strategic Accounts, from our team and spend some time discussing ecommerce logistics!

Emerce Fashion – Fashion Forward

Since 1998, Emerce has been the leading multimedia platform for decision-makers operating at the intersection of digital marketing, media and e-business. Emerce is at the forefront of identifying emerging technologies and innovative business concepts.

How do you make the transition to sustainable growth in a flux of uncertainty? If you want to comply with all sustainability requirements and new regulations, you are facing quite a challenge. Which business models are future-proof? And what’s stopping you from using AI even more efficiently in the supply chain? Get up to speed at Emerce Fashion.

30+ top speakers & 300+ decision-makers in marketing and e-commerce

Jeroen Kammers, Sales Director from our Radial Europe team will be attending, why not get in touch to meet up and discuss ecommerce fashion fulfillment!


Retail Trends Live

RetailTrends Live has grown into the annual business event for professionals in retail and brands. The 2024 edition not only marks the 5th anniversary of this event, but also coincides with the 20th anniversary of RetailTrends.

This event has a substantive programme full of (inter)national top retailers and brands, experts and visionaries. They share their vision, are interviewed live and inspire visitors with their most important retail lessons.

Jeroen Kammers, Sales Director from Radial Europe will be attending, if you’re going to be there why not get in touch to grab a coffee and a chat about all things ecommerce!


Padel Day for e-retailers!

A chance to challenge industry colleagues at Ehandelspadeln! This is a tournament with playoffs padel games which you can enjoy whilst networking with e-retailers!

Joakim Garint from our Radial Europe team is planning to be there – why not catch up and have a chat with him during this incredible event?

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Multichannel Day 2024

The e-commerce trade fair – with over 2,000 visitors, 140 exhibitors and over 8,000 m2 of event space!

With renowned speakers, interesting lectures & workshops plus lots of networking opportunities, why not attend?

Attending for Radial Europe will be Andreas Kreickmann, Senior Sales Director, why not meet up with him to discuss all things ecommerce!

ECD – The ECD Celebrates its Lucky Number Seven

With 500+ guests and 200+ 1-to-1 meetings plus 25+ lectures this event is a chance to meet with the who’s who of the industry, learning about the latest trends on the Expert Stage, and enjoying a full day with delicious food and a rousing after-show party.

With topics being covered such as Game Changer DTC, Fulfillment Across Europe; Does one size fit and sessions from companies such as Seven Senders, Zeos, Asendia and many more it’s going to be a packaged agenda!

Our team will be there with Andreas Kreickmann, Senior Sales Director, Erik van Dee, Sales Director Strategic Accounts and Matteo Petruzzellis, Digital Marketing & Sales Director attending – why not get in touch if you would like to chat all things ecommerce fulfillment!

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Emerce E-Commerce Live!

Be surprised at Emerce E-commerce Live! The trends and challenges of tomorrow and the road to the solution. What can you expect? Cases, lots of cases. Themes such as social commerce (Tik Tok, Instagram), recommerce, cross-border, use of AI for e-commerce, digital experience, omnichannel, and frictionless payments.

Jeroen Kammers from our Radial Europe team is attending – why not catch-up and have a coffee and talk all things ecommerce fulfillment!

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Outdoor by ISPO 2024 – Munchen

This event titled “Think out of the door” is placed as the largest, global platform for the outdoor community.

With many outdoor brands exhibiting and the “who’s who” of the outdoor industry it’s a place to network and get a good overview of the market.

Andreas Kreickmann, Senior Sales Director, will be there to represent Radial Europe, why not get in touch and catch up with him at the event and discuss all thing ecommerce fulfillment and transport.

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