Paul Valentine’s Unboxing Experience

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Penny Black and Radial Europe: turning Value-Added Services into sales and loyalty

Paul Valentine, headquartered in Mannheim, Germany, designs, produces, and markets handcrafted jewelry directly to consumers across Europe and beyond.

From its humble beginnings in 2015 with a small, passionate team, Paul Valentine has blossomed into a globally recognized jewelry brand. Their driven team of over 40 individuals has achieved remarkable success, generating over €125 million in net sales.

The key to their growth? A commitment to listening to their customers and crafting exquisite designs with a modern, luxurious touch. Every piece is created with the customer in mind, ensuring a truly luxurious experience for their ever-growing community.

Their commitment to quality means using only the finest materials and adhering to high standards, ensuring each piece becomes a treasured possession for a lifetime.

The brand operates solely through online sales, allowing them to connect directly with their customers.

Customer Experience

Prioritizing customer experience extends beyond Paul Valentine’s website and purchase process. The brand ensures customers receive consistent updates on their order status, from the moment their jewelry leaves the fulfillment center to its final delivery. Fast and efficient packaging and shipping are paramount.


As an online-only jewelry brand, Paul Valentine relies heavily on a strong e-commerce logistics partner.

Radial Europe is that partner, taking care of the entire fulfillment process after an online order is placed. This allows Paul Valentine to focus on what they do best: designing, producing, and selling high-quality jewelry.

Fast and reliable fulfillment is crucial for Paul Valentine’s business. They expect their customers to receive their orders within 24 hours in most cases, and Radial’s efficiency helps them achieve that. The ability to scale up and down during peak seasons, like holidays, is another major advantage. Paul Valentine, like many other brands, experiences significant fluctuations in order volume, but Radial is able to adapt to meet those demands.

Value-Added Services

Beyond just processing orders, Radial offers additional services – Value-Added Services – that enhance the customer experience. Shipments personalization with silky paper or flyers, for instance, which aligns perfectly with Paul Valentine’s brand image.


Sustainability is a priority for Paul Valentine, and they’re glad to have a partner who shares that value. Radial uses sustainable and partly recycled packaging materials, and their order processing and shipping are climate neutral. This aligns with Paul Valentine’s commitment to environmental responsibility and resonates with our customers.

The Loyalty and Unboxing Experience Challenge

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Very recently, Paul Valentine approached the tech platform Penny Black with a two-fold challenge:

  1. Boost customer loyalty by retaining existing customers, increasing average order value (AOV), and growing their newsletter subscriber base.
  2. Forge a deeper emotional connection with their customers by transforming their unboxing moments into engaging, personalized experiences.

Penny Black is the newest digital marketing channel that brings online personalisation into the hands of the customer. Their platform allows ecommerce brands to print branded, dynamic, high-quality inserts that include personalised fields and trackable QR codes.

The Solution

Penny Black addressed both of Paul Valentine’s challenges through a single solution: personalized inserts within the unboxing experience and turn them into conversion opportunities. Personalized inserts not only fostered deeper customer connection but also yielded impressive results:

  • €8,000 in additional monthly revenue: Highlighting the financial impact of the personalized inserts showcases the effectiveness of the strategy.
  • €1.32 additional RPP (revenue per print): This metric emphasizes the return on investment for each personalized insert used.
  • Over €100 average AOV on second purchases: This demonstrates the increased customer value driven by the enhanced unboxing experience.

To get things started, Penny Black worked with Paul Valentine’s fulfillment partner, Radial Europe, in their warehouse in Halle, Germany. This meant the new personalized inserts could easily fit into their existing system without any bumps. They then worked with the Radial’s packing team to make sure they always added the right insert to the right order – 100% accuracy! This carefulness ensured everything ran smoothly and that the personalized touches had the biggest impact on customers.

Next, Paul Valentine’s team connected Penny Black’s platform to their Shopify store and Klaviyo email marketing. This connection allowed them to create personalized inserts with targeted messages for different groups of customers. They could use all sorts of details to personalize the inserts, making them even more special.

Results of Paul Valentine’s Personalized Inserts Campaign:

  • Increased repeat purchases: Personalized inserts with targeted discounts (15% off) for new customers led to a 2% conversion rate for repeat purchases. This translates to €1.50-€2 in additional revenue per insert.
  • Effective customer acquisition: Inserts with unique referral codes made it easy for customers to share and generate new, high-converting customers at a lower cost.
  • Boosts in seasonal sales: Personalized inserts promoting limited-edition products (advent calendar, Christmas gifts) and linking to relevant product pages drove sales during key gifting periods (Valentine’s Day, Christmas).

Lessons Learnt

  • Personalized inserts with targeted offers can effectively increase customer loyalty and drive repeat purchases.
  • Offering referral codes within inserts is a cost-effective way to acquire new, high-value customers.
  • Leveraging personalized inserts for seasonal campaigns can significantly boost sales during peak shopping periods.

Penny Black

Penny Black is the solution that serves personalised marketing to the customers when they open their order.

Their platform transforms print media included in the packages into a personalised, digital touchpoint that delights customers, inspires repeat purchases and drives a strong ROI.

Radial Europe

Radial Europe is a leading e-commerce fulfillment provider, dedicated to helping brands deliver exceptional customer experiences. Partnering with companies like Paul Valentine, Radial Europe takes care of the entire fulfillment process after an online order is placed. This allows brands to focus on their core strengths – design, production, and sales – while Radial ensures fast, reliable, and scalable order fulfillment, even during peak seasons.

Radial Europe goes beyond order processing, offering value-added services like personalized packaging and climate-neutral shipping that align with brands’ sustainability goals. By prioritizing efficiency, scalability, and a customer-centric approach, Radial Europe empowers brands like Paul Valentine to thrive in the competitive e-commerce landscape.

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