Tailored 3PL Drives Sales

Quanticlo was founded in 2014 by Malvina Podestà and Francesco Pata in Sarzana, Liguria, Italy.

Malvina and Francesco had the vision of a brand young at heart, and the winning intuition to concentrate on social media. This Italian fashion brand offers a wide selection of women’s shoes and accessories, all reflecting the latest trends or tailored for specific occasions. Their products are priced affordably and come with express shipping within 24 hours. Today, the brand boasts over 1 million followers on Instagram and is considered a reference platform for influencers.

Quanticlo operates exclusively online.

Malvina Podesta and Francesco Pata, Quanticlo Co-Founders

Malvina Podesta, Quanticlo Founder:

“We started with a budget of about €100, focusing exclusively on the online world. We created a trendy brand, where low and super affordable prices go hand in hand with a well-crafted and cool image, attention to detail, and all services offered to our customers”.

Social selling as the main sales channel

Quanticlo’s strategy is to prioritize social media platforms alongside an intuitive and modern website. Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok serve as the primary channels aimed at both acquiring new customers and retaining those who have already made purchases. Quanticlo utilizes social media to showcase new products, restocks, related content about its shoes, and fashion and styling tips.

“Social media have always been our driving force and the main source of inspiration. Social networks like TikTok and Instagram dictate trends through creators and influencers. Today, many offline phenomena also go viral thanks to subsequent exposure online”.

Quanticlo shoes

Engaging shopping experience provides value and differentiates the fashion brand

Engaging shopping experience is a crucial factor for Quanticlo. It contributes to building strong brand awareness and fostering trust in this fashion brand.

  • 360° viewing product presentations enhanced be high-quality photos, and detailed information.
  • Integration of social media content into the website fosters a sense of community among customers and bridges the gap between online and physical worlds.
  • Customer reviews serve as a fundamental tool in overcoming hesitance towards online shopping, which still exists in many individuals.
  • Immediate responses to questions or assistance requests, particularly during the pre-purchase phase throughout the day, help build the bond with customers.
  • A 24-hour shipping service throughout Italy, with a very late cut-off time of 6:30 PM. Customers are updated on the exact date and time of shipment and delivery.
  • The return policy includes free shipping throughout Italy for all purchased products.

Driving results thanks to swift and accurate fulfillment

Quanticlo initially managed logistics in-house. In 2020, they decided to outsource their ecommerce fulfillment and entered into their first contract with a 3PL company. By 2022, the sales growth prompted the selection of a new logistics partner. As a fast fashion brand based on social selling, they needed a 3PL fulfillment partner that could quickly react to dynamic changes in volumes.

The ability to provide tailored and adaptable services was crucial. A new, state-of-the-art facility strategically located on the outskirts of Milan was among the additional factors that led Quanticlo to partner with Radial.

Francesco Pata, Quanticlo

Francesco Pata, Quanticlo Co-Founder:

Quanticlo operates exclusively online. This means that there is a large percentage of unpredictability and speed in the business. Content that goes viral, an unexpected trend (…) often lead to sudden peaks in the number of orders. Our relationship with Radial is crucial, and the fact that the team can quickly adapt to our daily needs is essential.

From 0 to 4 million EUR turnover

Today, Quanticlo manages the entire product chain, from conception to realization, including packaging, returns, and refurbishment. Its winning sales and marketing strategy, supported by Radial’s 3PL dedicated solution centred on cost-effectiveness, has led Quanticlo to achieve an average turnover of 4 million EUR in the last three years.

Quanticlo was looking for a fulfillment partner who could:

  • Immediately receive inventory in the greater Milano region
  • Start up within a short time frame and with flexible cut-off times
  • Provide good integration and visibility into the operational data
  • Provide a track record of strong performance and high reliability in ecommerce and DNVB

Radial addressed all Quanticlo’s needs:

  • Ambitious SLA
  • Handling high volumes
  • Maintaining service levels during peak demand periods
  • Easy integration of WMS and TMS systems
  • End-to-end visibility into the process
  • Tailor-made reporting
  • Modern fulfillment facility with the ideal location
Quanticlo founders in Radial Milan warehouse

Radial Milan warehouse

And offered a wide range of services:

  1. Inbound and outbound
  2. Quantity and quality controls
  3. Pick and pack
  4. Order management
  5. Return management
  6. Packaging supply
  7. Worldwide shipments
  8. Value added services

Scale and optimize operations in the modern warehouse

Built in 2019, in Cusago, 11 km from Milan city centre, the highly modern AA Class logistics centre features 34 docks, high security, office space and solar panels. The property is flexible and provides the ability to optimise operations to meet the needs of e-commerce customers. A partnership with a local cooperative for labour availability allows for highly scalable operations.

Radial Milan warehouse

Malvina Podesta:

Radial’s warehouse immediately impressed us with its modernity and attention to sustainability. Together we will study increasingly eco-friendly packaging and fulfillment solutions to avoid unnecessary waste of energy and materials.

Same or next day deliveries from the excellent location

Radial Italy’s distribution centre is ideally located among major transport hubs to enable late order fulfillment processing and best-in-class delivery times. Perfectly located for same-day delivery in Milan, and within 24 hours in Italy. Close to two international airports (Malpensa and Linate) and the motorway network, with dedicated lanes for linear transport to reach Southern European customers in a cost-effective way. All major carriers are within a 30-40 km radius of the warehouse. Fully integrated multi-TMS system supports fulfillment operations.

Francesco Pata:

We are happy to have found in Radial a cohesive, young, and dynamic team that can adapt to the needs of our brand and, above all, to fast and prompt timings that are crucial in the online world.

Radial Milan warehouse

Safe and customer-friendly service

Quanticlo has successfully addressed a gap in the market by offering low-cost products that are simultaneously trendy and of good quality, with a keen focus on detail and packaging. The partnership with Radial secured cost-effective fulfillment operations and a stellar customer service.

Quanticlo team, from the left: Francesco, Davide, Kamila, Malvina, Aurora

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