Tailored fulfillment for harmonious health

EQOLOGY produces and sells natural, high-quality health supplements and nutricosmetics directly to 40,000 customers in 20+ European countries. Headquartered in Oslo, Norway, the company draws inspiration from the pure Norwegian environment of fjords, mountains, and oceans. Prioritizing ethical sourcing and premium ingredients, Eqology doesn’t test products on animals and doesn’t use prohibited substances listed by World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). EQ Pure Arctic Oil and Marine Collagen Premium+ are MSC certified.

European market

Radial and Eqology collaborate to meet the growing demand for health products: dietary supplements and nutricosmetics. Radial facilitates deliveries across European countries such as Italy, the UK, and Poland, while also assisting EQ in expanding into new markets. With dependable fulfillment and transportation services, Radial ensures that 99% of deliveries are on time.

As a sustainable partner, Radial aligns with Eqology’s focus on harmony with nature.

Eqology offers health and dietary supplements, nutricosmetics, and wellness products, including products for vegan.

Health products requirements

Some of Eqology’s health products are sensitive to temperature, have short expiry periods and require careful handling:

  • Sensitivity to Temperature. Some of the goods are sensitive to extreme temperatures and require specific storage conditions to prevent deterioration.
  • Rapid Deterioration. Some products, regardless of their expiry date, are prone to quick degradation or decline in quality over time. They may lose effectiveness, freshness, or physical integrity soon after manufacture or opening.
  • Short Expiry Period. These products have a limited shelf life and may expire relatively quickly. Consumers need to use them within a specific timeframe to ensure their freshness and effectiveness.

Fulfillment tailored for EQ products

To meet the diverse requirements of Eqology products, Radial offers:

  • Optimal Storage: goods are stored at temperatures, that prevent deterioration.
  • Handling and Shipping: efficient processes minimize delays and ensure timely delivery of goods, particularly those prone to quick deterioration or with short expiry periods.
  • Quality: robust quality assurance measures are implemented to ensure products are handled and shipped according to specified requirements, including rigorous checks for product integrity and compliance with storage guidelines.
  • Timely Inventory Management: effective systems accurately monitor stock levels and expiration dates, ensuring prompt identification and prioritization of products nearing expiry to minimize the risk of selling expired goods.
  • Flexibility and Responsiveness: accommodating specific handling instructions and prompt responses to any changes or adjustments, considering the varied nature of the goods and their differing requirements.
Eqology products

Pure omega-3 oil from 100 percent Arctic wild fish, with added cold-pressed organic olive oil and vitamin D3 should be stored in a dark, dry and cool place or in the refrigerator. Opened bottles should be refrigerated and used within 90 days.

Purchase and delivery options

Eqology offers a range of convenient purchase options tailored to meet diverse customer preferences and needs.

Purchase Options:

  • Individual one-time purchases
  • Auto order with a flexible monthly delivery time
  • Subscription for 6 months with a flexible monthly delivery time

Apart from standard delivery, Eqology customers may select a specific shipping date within each month. This allows them to choose a most convenient date, according to their schedule or preferences.

Delivery options:

  • Monthly delivery periods with preferred date of shipping
  • Standard delivery between 2 to 5 business days

Fulfillment tailored for EQ delivery and purchase

Radial facilitates Eqology’s diverse purchase and delivery options by providing the following services:

  • Timely Order Processing: promptly processing individual one-time purchases, auto orders, and subscription orders to ensure preparation for shipping within the specified timeframe.
  • Flexible Scheduling: for auto orders and subscription orders with flexible monthly delivery times, accommodating varying delivery preferences chosen by customers each month, ensuring that orders are shipped according to their specified dates.
  • Accurate Order Fulfillment: accurately fulfilling orders according to the chosen monthly delivery periods and preferred shipping dates ensures that the correct products are dispatched to customers on time.

Customers may choose between four different monthly delivery periods for when the products are to be sent: Delivery Period 1: 2st-7th, Delivery Period 2: 8th-13th, Delivery Period 3: 14th-19rd, Delivery Period 4: 20th-25st.

Value added service

Radial enhances the customer experience for Eqology by offering value-added services like kitting and special quality packaging. This includes assembling products into different types of kits or packages, such as promotional boxes or Christmas kits. Radial presents Eqology’s products attractively and securely, contributing to a positive overall shopping experience for customers.

Radial provides Eqology with different VAS like kitting Christmass packages.

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