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Ideally situated near Milan, Radial Europe’s fulfillment center provides a strategic advantage for your e-commerce business. This prime location offers a winning combination of factors to streamline your operations and expedite deliveries.

Key features

  • Health & Beauty focus
  • Gateway to Europe and Switzerland
  • Flexible workforce
  • Close to fashion hubs

By partnering with Radial Europe in Milan, you gain a location that perfectly combines fashion industry proximity with efficient fulfillment infrastructure. Experience the benefits of swift deliveries, flexible order processing, and a strategic foothold in the heart of Italian ecommerce.

Health & Beauty

Our Milan team is specially trained to handle the specific requirements of health & beauty products, ensuring proper storage, handling, and compliance with regulations.
Go beyond basic fulfillment with our comprehensive suite of services. We can handle kitting and assembly for gift sets, customized packaging to elevate your brand experience, and even manage subscription fulfillment programs to keep your customers coming back for more.


Our team provides great customer support and boasts extensive experience in e-commerce, working tirelessly to ensure your fulfillment runs smoothly. When it comes to demands of seasonal surges, our highly productive team is extremely flexible in accommodating any vertical’s peak periods, ensuring your business scales seamlessly to meet increased customer demand.

Gateway to Europe

A few kilometers from Milan city center, Radial Europe’s fulfillment offers a winning combination of factors to streamline your operations and expedite deliveries:

Effortless connectivity – with all major carriers within a 30-40km radius, you can enjoy seamless package pick-up and swift deliveries, ensuring your products reach your customers quickly.

Gateway to Southern Europe –  two international airports and motorway networks are right on your doorstep. Plus, dedicated line-haul lanes ensure cost-effective distribution to Southern European customers.


For Italian brands, Radial Europe’s Milan fulfillment center is a gateway to not just the Italian market, but also to the lucrative ecommerce scene in Switzerland. Here’s why:

  • Swift Delivery to Swiss Customers: Our Milan location boasts a one-day connection to Switzerland via La Posta, ensuring your products reach your Swiss customers quickly and efficiently. This eliminates the need for a separate Swiss fulfillment center, saving you time and money.
  • Reduced Border Hassles: Navigating customs and regulations for cross-border shipments can be complex. By leveraging Radial Europe’s expertise and established infrastructure, you can streamline the process and ensure your products comply with Swiss regulations, minimizing delays and frustrations.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Swiss consumers expect fast and reliable delivery. With Radial Europe Milan, you can offer your Swiss customers the same exceptional delivery times they enjoy domestically, fostering brand loyalty and satisfaction.

Fashion powerhouse

Radial Europe Milan perfectly complements fashion & footwear brands:

  • Industry savvy: Located near Milan, they understand the industry’s fast pace and seasonal demands.
  • Flexible fulfillment: Adaptable order processing caters to new product launches and fluctuations.
  • Value-added services: Elevate your brand with kitting, assembly, and customized packaging.

Experience the benefits of expert handling, peak season support, and infrastructure built for fashion & footwear e-commerce success.

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