7 trends shaping the beauty industry in 2024

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The beauty industry embodies a fusion of innovation, sustainability, and evolving consumer demands. Beyond conventional growth drivers like technology and economics, emerging trends such as artificial intelligence, climate change, and the influence of Generation Z and Alpha are fundamentally reshaping its course. Moreover, a growing focus on ecology and sustainability is revolutionizing how beauty brands connect with their audiences.

The beauty market, which includes skincare, fragrance, makeup, and haircare, is projected to reach about $580 billion in revenue by 2027 according to McKinsey’s 2023 report “The State of Fashion Beauty.” Its annual growth of approximately 6 percent is comparable to or slightly higher than that of other consumer sectors like fashion (apparel, footwear, eyewear), pet care, and food and beverages.

The top three largest beauty markets in terms of retail sales by 2027 will be:

1.           Asia Pacific (excluding China), led by Japan and South Korea – projected to reach $151 billion.

2.          North America – expected to reach $115 billion.

3.          Europe – projected to hit $115 billion.

The industry’s growth across all sectors and its resilience during economic challenges make it highly appealing to investors.

As the beauty industry continues to expand its global footprint, it’s essential to recognize the unique potential it holds across different continents. Understanding the industry’s potential provides valuable insights into the diverse consumer preferences and cultural influences driving trends. Let’s delve into the seven trends that are currently shaping the beauty industry worldwide.

1.           AI and personalization

AI is set to further transform the beauty industry, focusing on improved personalization. Beauty brands are already using AI for skin analysis, customized skincare, and tailored products. We expect more integration of technology with human expertise. AI helps track skin changes for early issue detection. Combining AI with professional assessments allows for personalized skincare routines tailored to their specific needs, ensuring accuracy and effectiveness.

2.           Social media

Viral hair, makeup, and nail trends will continue to captivate in 2024, with many originating from platforms like TikTok and Instagram. Analyzing Google search volumes for emerging trends is key to uncovering the ingredients, products, and techniques that will dominate.

Instagram’s 2024 Trend Talk offers insights into Gen-Z trends shaping global culture, with #perfumetok gaining traction as over a quarter of Gen-Z plan to find their signature scent in 2024. Some other significant discoveries from the report that refer to the cosmetic industry are:

  • Beauty is going to be all about individuality
  • A New Hairstyle’ was Gen Z’s favourite beauty tip they learned from social media, followed by skincare
  • Fragrance creators are on the rise

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3.           Generation Alpha

The influence of Generation Alpha consumers is growing, prompting brands to prepare for this upcoming demographic. While Gen-Alpha may not have purchasing power yet, brands are already customizing products for them, acknowledging their future role as customers. Preteen influencers, such as the Kardashian kids, are shaping trends on platforms like TikTok, where ‘#generationalpha’ tagged videos are gaining momentum.

4.           Body care

Body care is booming, extending beyond just facial skincare and beauty to encompass holistic well-being. This aligns with the “snackable wellness” trend, emphasizing convenient self-care practices. Body care provides both health and aesthetic benefits. Fragrance and texture play crucial roles in boosting self-confidence and overall well-being. Specialized body products are emerging with potent ingredients and formulations designed to nurture the skin’s microbiome.

5.           Potent plant ingredients

In 2024, the “clean” beauty trend will spotlight potent plant ingredients. Herbalism and botany will lead the conversation, emphasizing the effectiveness of powerful plant extracts, from common garden weeds to rare indigenous herbs. This trend offers eco-friendly, high-performing alternatives to synthetic and unsustainable ingredients like retinol and palm oil, harnessing the healing properties of plants.

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6.           Sustainability

In 2024, there will be a heightened emphasis on sustainability among consumers, particularly regarding reusable and recyclable products. A recent report found that 69 percent of people consider sustainability more important now than it was two years ago. Recognizing the beauty industry’s significant contribution to waste, there’s a growing demand for innovative solutions to improve product life cycles.

Initiatives like Boop, a retail site dubbed the ‘Outnet for beauty,’ are gaining popularity by offering excess beauty products a second chance, even those with older formulations or packaging quirks, while ensuring their safety for use.

7.           Climate change

As climate change persists and global temperatures rise, there’s a growing emphasis on protective personal care products. Consumers seek items that defend against sun damage and pollution to protect both body and mind. Expect this category to evolve in response to the ongoing challenges posed by climate change.

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