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Benefits of Using the Same Provider for Omnichannel, Fulfillment, and Customer Care Services

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Working with a single omnichannel order management provider you can fully optimize your supply chain and deliver a positive customer experience. Here are 3 reasons why.
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From order management and fulfillment to customer support, there’s a lot that goes into a successful omnichannel strategy. But managing it can be difficult when you’re using multiple solutions providers.  

Not only can you end up with a lot of process inefficiencies and a clunky workflow, but with data housed in multiple locations, you also face an increased likelihood of missing critical insights or opportunities.  

Fortunately, you don’t need to work with multiple solutions providers to get access to the best tools or yield a significant ROI. In fact, by working with a single omnichannel order management provider you can fully optimize your supply chain and deliver a positive customer experience. Here are 3 reasons why.  

You Get Access to a Turnkey Solution 

Ordinarily, solutions take a while to set up. And the more providers you have, the longer it takes. But when you’re dealing with solutions designed to support an omnichannel strategy, there’s a lot more on the line than just your own time and energy. Every day, that time can account for lost opportunities, leads, and customers.  

On the other hand, having a single omnichannel OMS provider — one that offers omnichannel, fulfillment, and customer care solutions — makes it possible for you to get up and running quickly. This isn’t just because of software features, outsourced teams, and processes are designed to work seamlessly together, either. With a single provider, you simply have fewer hoops to jump through to get a complete omnichannel solution integrated into your operations.  

As a result, you can focus your attention and energy on using your omnichannel solution to improve your processes and customer experiences.  

They Offer Seamless Integration 

Having different tools, systems, and outsourced teams for different parts of your supply chain may make sense at first since each solution is highly specialized. But siloed software and teams can quickly throw a wrench into your overall omnichannel strategy and operations.  

With a lack of data sharing and communication, fulfillment inefficiencies can go unaddressed and order management can become a huge mess. Customer care can start to suffer too, as customer support teams are only able to access limited information about customers’ problems.  

However, with a single omnichannel OMS provider, these issues disappear, as data is automatically shared between omnichannel, fulfillment, and customer care teams. You can map customer locations and inventory locations side-by-side to determine the best fulfillment route for each order and restock inventory in warehouses and brick-and-mortar locations based on current (and future) demand. At the same time, your customer care team can access all the information they need to answer customer questions and solve complex problems.  

This means a better overall workflow and a more positive experience for everyone involved.  

You Get Access to Better Insights

When you’re dealing with lots of moving parts, people, and solutions, it’s difficult to know exactly what’s going on in your organization. Order accuracy, order cycle time, and customer satisfaction can become tricky to measure, and often details are missed in the data sharing shuffle.  

As a result, you end up with easily resolvable process inefficiencies (and likely, less happy customers too).  

Working with a single omnichannel provider yields a much different result, though, as their tools are orchestrated in such a way that data can be compiled and viewed from every corner of your organization. For example, with a single provider, you can view your inventory in every warehouse and storefront at once, see exactly who’s buying what (and when and where), identify how much time it takes to ship orders to customers, and see what’s bogging you down.  

This enables you to find better ways to manage orders and pinpoint adjustments that will save you more time and money. And ultimately, these discoveries will help you identify ways to provide your customers with a better experience, as well.   

While you may be inclined to work with multiple providers to create an omnichannel experience for your customers, there are a lot of benefits to just choosing one. Beyond faster integration, a single provider can give you access to better insights and more efficient processes. All you have to do is find the right omnichannel OMS provider for your business.