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Post Peak Planning


Peak season doesn’t end after the holiday rush is through; in fact, that’s when the third phase of peak season begins and the focus shifts from fulfillment and inventory optimization to reverse logistics and implementing lessons learned. From January through early March, it’s just as important to have a plan for maintaining peak season operations as it is from September through December.

Predicted to be longer this year, post peak planning will need to account for extended return periods, gifts still arriving weeks after the holidays, determining how long to keep seasonal employees, and training customer service representatives to handle the aftermath of holiday deals.

Below, we’ve curated resources and advice from Radial’s experts to help you navigate a successful post-peak season and get ahead of peak 2021.

Post Peak Planning Resources

To help with post peak planning, we’ve gathered articles packed with actionable advice and industry trends from Radial’s omnichannel commerce experts.

The Cyber 5 Holiday Report

Find out how retailers fared during the busiest time of the year, in the middle of a pandemic. You’ll also see fulfillment strategies to carry into 2021.
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Post Holiday Returns Management: How to Handle the Influx

Returns are predicted to scale more than 70 billion dollars this year. That’s a 73% increase over the current 5-year average. Here are the 4 ways to handle the influx in returns.
Handle Returns →

Battling Return Fraud and Other eCommerce Fraud

Fraud is more prevalent than ever in eCommerce. Find out the 3 most common fraud tactics fraudsters are using against you and your shoppers, and how to prevent them.
Manage Fraud →

A Look Back: Experiences Retail Shoppers Want

Wondering what experiences your customers want to keep around post-pandemic? We explore 4 experiences to keep in mind and possibly add to your 2021 customer plan.
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Opportunities for Retailers in 2021

There are plenty of lessons learned from the 2020 peak season. Here are 9 emerging trends that retailers can take advantage of as we embark on 2021.
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4 Ways Retailers Can Navigate a Post-Covid-19 World

To navigate 2021, omnichannel experiences are required. Here are 4 ways you can implement an omnichannel experience.
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