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The Emergence of the Hybrid Shopper in a Post-Pandemic Retail World


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When the pandemic caused consumers to shift to online shopping, retailers accelerated the investments in omnichannel services and technologies many had already been making in recent years. Although we now have a much better handle on the pandemic, supply chain issues continue to cause inventory shortages, shipping delays, and other challenges that have resulted in retailers expanding their shopping and fulfillment offerings to meet the expectations of the Hybrid Shopper. 

Today’s Hybrid Shopper expects a seamless experience across many different in-store and online shopping channels, convenience, omnichannel fulfillment options, speedy delivery, and lower costs when making purchases. To better understand the emergence of the Hybrid Shopper, Radial commissioned a survey of 1,000 U.S. consumers to discover their ever-evolving behaviors and expectations, as well as reveal what factors impact their purchasing and order fulfillment decisions. 

Download our infographic for the results of the consumer survey. Insights include: 

  • How consumers rank their shopping preferences—from online and in-store shopping to curbside pickup and in-store pickup 
  • The impact of supply chain constraints and inflation on what, how, and when consumers buy 
  • Consumers’ shipping and delivery behaviors  
  • Concerns different generations of consumers have when considering their loyalty to a brand 

Want to take a deeper dive into how and why the Hybrid Shopper has emerged, how an omnichannel retailer can meet their expectations, and why there’s no longer a one-size-fits-all shopping profile for brands?  

Download “The Emergence of the Hybrid Shopper in a Post-Pandemic Retail World” report for a detailed analysis of: 

  • How the Hybrid Shopper is defined in today’s retail environment and how brands need to be ready and able to meet their needs on every channel 
  • Consumers’ shopping habits and preferences today compared to pre-pandemic times 
  • How the largest increase in inflation in over forty years influences purchasing and fulfillment decisions 
  • The evolution of service and delivery expectations and what omnichannel retail businesses need to do to succeed despite current challenges 

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