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See What Retailers Are Investing in for 2021 and Why


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After the shock of the pandemic, retailers quickly learned what was working and what was not, especially as it pertains to customer demand and expectation.

The struggle to fulfill orders, accurately assess inventory, and predict when orders would arrive, took its toll on the retail community. While no one could predict the ripple effect the pandemic had on supply chains, work processes, and normal experiences, retailers are determined not to be placed in the same position should this happen again.  

Watch our latest collaboration with Digital Commerce 360 titled: “Lightning-Fast Strategies: How Retailers are Investing in 2021 and Why” to hear from retailers and Radial’s Prashant Bhatia, SVP of Enterprise Commerce Solutions, where they discuss: 

  • Their biggest priorities for 2021 
  • The top technology they’re investing in to drive revenue growth 
  • The tactics they're implementing for efficiency and nimbleness  
  • Ecommerce trends they see sticking around 
  • And much more 

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