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Luxury 2022: What High-End Consumers Expect in a Digital-First World


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The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the world of retail, especially for luxury brands. Today, high-end shoppers expect all the convenience of online shopping — with the same high-touch, personalized service offered in brick-and-mortar stores. 

To find out how luxury brands can best adapt to the digital age, we partnered with Retail TouchPoints and looked at how technology has changed — and will continue to change — the face of high-end retail. The result is a special report — Luxury 2022: How Luxury Brands are Adapting High-Touch Engagement in a Digital First World.  

This timely publication explores new evolutions in luxury retail, including: 

  • How the demographics of luxury consumers are changing with Millennials and Gen Z  
  • What next-gen features like 3D imagery and NFTs can add to the luxury online shopping experience 
  • Why sustainability matters for everything from production to packaging 
  • How technology can offer shoppers added customization, relevance and choice 

The report also includes an illuminating interview with Brady Berg, Radial’s VP of Sales. 

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