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Retail's Response to the Pandemic: A Radial Survey


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Few other events in America’s history have successfully halted the churn of commerce like COVID-19. From stores closing to disrupted supply chains, retailers have had to be nimble and flexible with their operations.

While the worst is presumably over, the fates of many stores still hang in the balance with many unanswered questions remaining: what lasting effects will the pandemic have on consumer shopping behavior? What will retail operations need to be?  What are the current retail market conditions? How can we prepare for the future?  

To find the answers, Radial surveyed nearly 100 retailers and over 1000 consumers in our latest report titled Retail’s Response to the Pandemic: Insights from Sellers and Consumers for 2020 and Beyond

Inside you’ll find:  

  • What’s ahead for the 2020 holiday shopping season 
  • How to meet the new demand 
  • What consumer behaviors are here to stay  
  • And how to prepare for 2021 

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