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Radial Tops Leading Vendor Report in 6 Categories During Pandemic Year


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Each year, Digital Commerce 360 surveys the top 1000 retailers to find the vendors they're using to help make eCommerce happen. Vendors are ranked in 24 categories ranging from customer service and operations to technology and marketing.  

This year, Radial was named a top 10 leading vendor to retailers in 6 different categories: 

  • Order Management:  1 
  • Fulfillment Services:  1   
  • Payment Security/Fraud Prevention:  6 
  • International Ecommerce Services:  tied for 7th 
  • Payment Processing:  8 
  • Customer Service Software & Support: tied for 10th 

A trusted partner, Radial was also ranked in the top 10 for most categories this year.  

Download the 2021 Leading Vendors report for key data to help you chart the way forward in today’s eCommerce landscape.   

The report also features:   

  • eCommerce platform recommendations for stronger foundations 
  • How to make email marketing work harder 
  • Technology to invest in for greater sales 
  • And the market outlook for eCommerce 

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