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5 Keys to Perfecting Your Agile Retail Strategy


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From rapid changes in consumer buying habits to the swift evolution of industry dynamics, retailers need an agile plan to successfully compete in this new convenience-driven world.  

But knowing what you need and executing on that need are two different elements. In fact, a majority of retailers lack the technical infrastructure and processes in place to make the required changes to pivot quickly and efficiently.  

In our new guide: Is Your Business Prepared For The Agile Age? 5 Keys To Perfecting Your Retail Strategy, we outline the strategic considerations retailers should use to develop an agile strategy and unpack the trends that can — and should — inform their decisions. 

Inside you’ll find:  

  • Key considerations for retail strategy development with fulfillment and pickup preferences in mind 
  • How to leverage marketplaces for broader reach 
  • The flexible payment options customers want retailers to offer 
  • Channels shoppers want to engage on that’ll need some TLC 

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