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How to Optimize Your Supply Chain Operations: A Guide for Retailers


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Disruptions in the global supply chain. Sudden shortages and outages. Changing consumer expectations. The last couple of years haven't been easy for retailers, who have had to ask some tough questions. How can we get customers what they need exactly when they want it — whether in store, by pick up, or online? What can we do to provide consumers with the choice and variety they demand — while keeping the shopping experience easy and friction-free?

To get answers to these pressing concerns, we partnered with TotalRetail and examined what retailers can do to make their supply chain operations competitive in today’s marketplace.

Now, we’ve made those findings available in The Retailer’s Guide to Optimizing Supply Chain Operations

This resource provides timely insight on:

  • What challenges keep retailers from providing true omnichannel experiences
  • How integrated technology can deliver supply chain optimization
  • Which innovative solutions exist today for last-mile deliveries
  • Why strong post-purchase support is essential for customer loyalty 

For these and other insights, download the full guide.

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