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2021 Omnichannel & Fulfillment Benchmarking: Where Are We Now?

We take a closer look at how businesses are embracing new strategies and look at the current impact of these changes.
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For the last two years, COVID-19 has rocked the retail industry. Businesses large and small were forced to close their doors in favor of online shopping. Supply chain breakdowns left shelves and eCommerce stores empty. And labor shortages made all of it so much worse.  

But one good thing has come out of the crisis. Retail businesses are evolving – embracing new omnichannel technologies and strategies that are improving the customer experience dramatically.  

To take a closer look at how businesses are making this shift and see the current impact of these changes, we partnered with Retail TouchPoints for their annual Omnichannel and Fulfillment Benchmark Report.  

Here are just a few things we learned from this omnichannel survey:  

  • Many omnichannel strategies are here to stay 
  • Brick-and-mortar stores have a critical role to play in omnichannel fulfillment and logistics 
  • Digital channels are boosting revenue growth significantly 
  • Omnichannel strategies are strengthening customer relationships 

Plus, we included some insights from an exclusive interview with Radial’s COO, Laura Ritchey, inside.