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An interview with Tomasz Okowiak, Site Manager at Radial’s e-commerce fulfillment warehouse in Warsaw, Poland, giving us some insights into the company’s operations and Poland’s economic climate.

An interview with Tomasz Okowiac, General Manager at Radial’s e-commerce fulfillment warehouse in Warsaw, Poland, giving us some insights into the company’s operations and Poland’s economic climate.

Going the extra mile

Thank you for taking the time to speak with us today, Tomasz. Can you tell us a bit about Radial’s mission and how you prioritize your clients?

Absolutely. At Radial, our core mission is to provide exceptional service to our clients. We build long-term relationships and truly invest in understanding their needs. We don’t just deliver what’s in the contract; we go the extra mile to help them grow and succeed.

That sounds like a strong client-centric approach. Can you elaborate on the work culture at Radial? What makes it a great place to work?

We have a fantastic work environment here. It’s collaborative, trusting, and everyone is passionate about what they do. People are responsive, communicate openly, and we all work together to achieve the best possible outcomes.

E-commerce specialists

Interesting. Now, you mentioned Radial’s focus on e-commerce fulfillment. What differentiates Radial from other logistics companies?

There are a few key things. Firstly, we specialize solely in e-commerce fulfillment. We’re experts in picking, packing, and shipping e-commerce orders, unlike some companies that handle various logistics aspects. Secondly, we invest heavily in automation and warehouses specifically designed for e-commerce needs. Let me tell you more about our facility in Brwinów, Warsaw, Poland.

That sounds fascinating. Please do!

Our Brwinów fulfillment center is strategically located near Warsaw, in one of the largest logistics parks in central Poland. This prime location gives us excellent access to other regions within Poland and major markets throughout Europe. Major highways, airports, and over 200 carriers with 350 service options are all right at our doorstep. This allows for efficient and fast order fulfillment, with a cut-off time for same-day order processing at 7:00 PM.

That’s impressive. Can you walk us through the actual fulfillment process at the warehouse?

Absolutely. The warehouse itself is a spacious 17,000 square meters, divided into automated and manual sections to ensure maximum efficiency. The automated area utilizes a state-of-the-art A-frame system by Knapp, featuring pick-to-light technology, sorters, and conveyors. This allows us to significantly increase our same-day order fulfillment capacity.

Automation isn’t everything

So you leverage automation for faster processing?

Exactly. But automation isn’t everything. We also have a robust Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Transportation Management System (TMS) in place. This includes the industry-leading Manhattan system, which helps us manage customer service, delivery monitoring, inventory control, and shipment tracking seamlessly. This allows us to handle tens of thousands of orders per day with exceptional accuracy.

That sounds very sophisticated. What about the storage infrastructure?

We have a modern racking system specifically designed for e-commerce needs, with an operational height of 10 meters. This allows for efficient storage and retrieval of a wide range of products. Additionally, the warehouse features various unloading ramps to accommodate trailers, containers, and vans, ensuring smooth handling of incoming and outgoing goods.

That level of flexibility is important for e-commerce fulfillment. Does sustainability play a role in your operations?

Absolutely. Sustainability is a core value at Radial Poland. We utilize energy-efficient lighting and intelligent heating systems to minimize our environmental impact. We also practice strict waste segregation and maintain electronic waste records. The warehouse is Breeam In-Use and FSC CoC certified, and we’re fully equipped to handle eco-friendly products.

The heart of success

That’s commendable. Can you tell us a bit about the team that powers this impressive operation?

Our team is the heart of our success. We have a dedicated workforce of 50 to 80 employees on a single shift, with the capacity to scale up to 100 during peak seasons. Our team is highly skilled and supported by qualified managers and customer service specialists. With the increasing automation, we’re also actively recruiting engineers and specialists to ensure the highest level of service for our clients. The warehouse operates on a two-shift system, weekdays from Monday to Friday, with extended hours for parcel collection and shipment.

The fastest economy in Europe

Thank you for this comprehensive overview, Tomasz. It sounds like Radial Poland offers a state-of-the-art e-commerce fulfillment solution. Now, you mentioned Poland’s location as a benefit. Can you elaborate on the broader economic situation in Poland that makes it attractive for businesses like Radial?

Absolutely. Poland’s economy is one of the fastest growing in the European Union. Positive GDP growth is expected, with estimates ranging from 2.6% to 2.8%. The unemployment rate is predicted to remain low, potentially reaching 5.3% by the end of 2024. Inflation is projected to decrease compared to 2023, it might still stay above 4% due to rising wages.

What other aspects make Poland interesting for international companies?

The ever-growing influx of international students. Poland’s international student population is booming. Over the past decade, the number of students from abroad has tripled, reaching over 100,000. This surge in foreign student enrollment presents a compelling opportunity for businesses looking to expand into Poland.

Polish high educational level: Polish universities have a very strong academic tradition, especially in science and technology. Many of them provide programs taught entirely in English.

Then there are the affordable cost of living, the central European location, the modern infrastructure…

An internal view of the Restaurant Różana in Warsaw

My Restauracja

Now, on a lighter note, Tomasz, can you tell us a bit about your hobbies and interests outside of work?

I enjoy spending time with family and friends, but I’m also quite the foodie. Well-prepared food is something I appreciate, so I wouldn’t say I have just one favourite cuisine. Exploring different flavours is my hobby. Asian cuisine, particularly Chinese, is definitely up there. I spent a fantastic week in Shanghai a while back, and the food experiences there were incredible.

But I also take great pride in Polish traditional food. We have some incredible dishes in this country!

That’s a well-rounded perspective! Speaking of Polish food, do you have a favorite restaurant you like to frequent?

Absolutely! There’s a fantastic restaurant near my home called Restauracja Różana. They serve up some of the most delicious Polish cuisine I’ve ever had. If you’re ever in the area, I highly recommend checking it out!

Tomasz Okowiak

Tomasz Okowiak, General Manager Radial Poland, is an experienced executive with a strong background in managing large distribution centers and logistics operations.
An expert in business strategy, management, mergers and acquisitions, and company restructuring, Tomasz holds an Executive MBA from Kozminski University and a Bachelor of Applied Science in Mathematics from the University of Warsaw.