Experience AMR-s in action: Dematic ‘Customer Day’ in Groningen

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Radial Europe invited Dematic, one of the world’s leading providers of automation and software solutions for warehouses and distribution centres, to host an exclusive event at Radial’s state-of-the-art facility located in Groningen, Netherlands. Scheduled for mid-April, this event offers an opportunity for attendees to delve into the benefits of automation and software powering Radial’s advanced warehouse operations.

At the upcoming Customer Day in Groningen, Radial and Dematic will demonstrate the capabilities of 299 newly installed AMR-s (autonomous mobile robots). These robots, in particular, improve efficiencies and bring flexibility to the facility’s fulfillment operations. Tasked with transporting pallets and totes between transfer stations and picking stations, they represent a significant step forward in Radial’s logistics services.

Installation process behind the scenes

At the event, attendees will learn about the development process behind the solution. Furthermore, they will take a guided tour of the facility to witness the newly installed AMRs in action. Significantly, these autonomous mobile robots are used in three main applications within the facility. The system processes orders for a fashion e-commerce customer.

  • Pallet-to-picker AMRs transport pallets from the entrance to a large storage bay. From there, they are transported to transfer stations and picking station racks at the packing stations. The same process then takes place in reverse.
  • Bin-to-picker AMRs handle pallet storage in an automated high-bay warehouse and transport them to the picking stations for the execution of split-case orders, including orders that consist of many individual products or article variants. To support this, the racking system has a capacity of around 65,000 locations for customer goods.
  • Order-shelf-transport AMRs transport orders on a shelf with several levels to the packing stations.

Radial’s distribution warehouse in Groningen, AMR-s in action

Global AMR excellence

Unquestionably, Dematic, together with KION partner Quicktron, has provided Radial with an innovative, full-scale AMR solution and implemented it. What appears comparatively simple at first glance is a complex system that works primarily thanks to Dematic’s software solutions. The project marks a milestone for Dematic and is considered a learning process in which new knowledge has been combined with proven expertise.

This significant contract has helped establish best safety practices for this innovative technology as well as the strategy for customer service and spare parts provision within the EMEA region not to mention the template for best-in-class service for AMRs globally.



Kevin Heath, Director Global Robotics, Dematic

AMR-s implementation: among Europe’s largest

Radial entered into a strategic partnership with Dematic, a leading provider of intelligent automation technology, to drive efficiency gains, enhance flexibility, and ensure future scalability, all aimed at optimizing both customer and employee experiences. By leveraging a blend of robotics, AI technologies, and human expertise within Radial’s Groningen facility, the company has achieved a 4x increase in picking performance and a 1.5x increase in packing performance for its fashion customer.  It can swiftly anticipate shifts in order volumes and respond with agility.

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