Spring Into Innovation With Radial’s Q1 Updates

Spring Into Innovation With Radial’s Q1 Updates

Welcome to Radial’s latest quarterly innovation update. Our dedication remains unwavering in our mission to consistently inform, inspire, and delight our clients and partners. See for yourself how we fulfill our promise — from click to delivery — and check out our latest updates.  

Embrace JSON for Streamlined Integration Solutions

The eCommerce landscape is always changing, and businesses must have better ways to integrate their systems.

In the past, we’ve offered a mix of tools to integrate systems smoothly, but now, we’re making a big improvement — introducing an upgraded API integration option.

RESTful JSON is a simpler way for businesses to connect to our system. Instead of using a combination of different tools, you can now take advantage of a unified API integration protocol.

The updated API integration streamlines development, cutting down on expenses and simplifying processes. This leads to smoother operations and enhances the user experience, benefiting not only our customers but also their own customers.

For questions, please contact your Account Manager.

Coming Soon: The New Customer Portal

Transparency and accuracy are paramount in managing your business. You need comprehensive insights into your inventory, orders, returns, and beyond.

Prepare to confidently dive into your data through the upcoming enhanced Radial Client Portal. Coming later this year, it promises to deliver this and much more.

Our revamped portal is being designed to strengthen our digital relationship with you, offering a fresh interface and extended features. Discover a host of new self-service tools to streamline management. Plus, access all your data seamlessly across Radial products through a single, unified source.

Scheduled for a mid-year release, we will initially unveil the Radial Payment Solutions (RPS) portal, with Fulfillment & Transportation to follow suit. Stay tuned as we roll out enhancements across all Radial products, enhancing your experience every step of the way.

Transform the Customer Experience with Radial Gift Services

By offering customized gift wrapping, personalized messaging, and branded materials at checkout, you can turn a simple purchase into a lasting memory for your customers.

But, for retailers, managing gift services can be overwhelming. That’s where Radial steps in to eliminate the hassle and save you money, especially during peak volume spikes.

Why Radial? Because we excel in handling customization needs and special packaging requirements. Our skilled staff manages these tasks effortlessly day in and day out.

Retailers rely on our expertise in gift services to streamline order processing, reducing errors and ensuring personalized gifts arrive on time. With Radial, you’ll experience peace of mind knowing your 3PL needs are expertly managed while your customers are delighted with every package they receive.

Choose from a variety of options, including:

  • Gift wrap and box
  • Gift message cards
  • Gift cards and activation
  • Branded materials
  • Branded ribbons
  • Gift basket creation
  • Customized assembly

Let Radial optimize your supply chain and delight your customers with every box opened.

Radial Payment Solutions

Explore Radial Payment Solutions: our  comprehensive, fully managed payment, tax, and fraud protection service designed to optimize operations and enhance customer satisfaction. With an exceptional 99.04% fraud approval rate and $3.5 billion in processed payments, Radial streamlines transactions while ensuring robust security measures. 

Make Payments Easier & Save Up To 80% With Opening Banking

Tired of battling high processing fees and fraudulent transactions? Radial’s newest solution, Pay by Bank (powered by Link Money) eliminates these challenges.

  • Save up to 80% on processing fees compared to traditional methods.
  • Rest easy with bank-grade security measures and AI-powered fraud detection, ensuring guaranteed payments and minimizing disputes.
  • Easily integrate Pay by Bank alongside other payment methods, providing customers with a simple ‘Pay by Bank’ button for a frictionless checkout experience.

Exceed Customer Expectations

Elevate your customer experience to new heights with our innovative solutions, designed to surpass expectations and delight every step of the way.  

Strategies and Trends Impacting Retailers 

More than half of retail executives have found that customers are willing to forego 1-2 day delivery in favor of free shipping (65%) or cheaper shipping options (64%). This is just one of the insights we uncovered through our partnership with Retail Dive, where we conducted a study on the strategies and trends influencing eCommerce in 2024. 

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