Pay by Bank

Reduce High Processing Fees & Prevent Fraud With Pay By Bank

Merchants like you face a constant uphill battle against rising processing fees and the looming threat of fraud. Open banking eliminates high processing fees and reduces the headache of fraud. Our secure, cost-effective Pay by Bank solution puts the power back in your hands.

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Convenient, Secure & Cost-Efficient Open Banking Payment Solutions for Merchants

Radial and Link Money’s revolutionary Pay by Bank solution redefines how merchants and consumers engage in transactions. By partnering with Link Money, Radial brings you a seamless, secure, and cost-effective method of processing payments directly from your customer’s bank account to your own. 

How It Works 

Pay by Bank seamlessly integrates into customers’ banking apps, ensuring a smooth and effortless payment experience right from their trusted banking platform. Here’s how it works for merchants: 

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  1. Merchant onboarding: Easily add Pay by Bank to your checkout page through Radial.  
  2. Customer linking: Consumers are prompted to log into their banking accounts and approve the transaction within seconds.  
  3. Seamless transactions: Enjoy frictionless payments, where the funds are immediately transferred after transaction approval.  

Seamless, Secure Payments

Experience the future of payment processing with Radial and Link Money’s Pay by Bank solution. Find out how you can start accepting payments with Radial Pay by Bank.