Halle Fulfillment Center


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One of the Radial Europe’s fulfillment centers is in Halle, Germany, strategically located to deliver exceptional service to customers across Germany and Eastern Europe.

Main features

  • Location
  • Late cut off
  • Automation
  • Team

In the heart of Europe

In close proximity to national & international hubs (30min) & international airports (15min to Halle/Leipzig airport).

Huge variety of carriers available
(70 carriers & 350 service options)

Dedicated international line-haul lanes

Location able to cover Germany & Eastern European markets within 24h.

Late cut off

The close proximity to national and international hubs makes late order cut-off times possible, which results in 24-hour deliveries across Germany and East Europe.


It is an automated shared user site, with real estate flexibility for future growth. It can also support manual and bulk requirements.


There is a highly experienced team on-site, able to handle fashion & accessories (flat pack & GOH), health care & beauty, DYI, and small electronics products.


The Halle distribution center prioritizes environmental sustainability throughout its operations. Packaging is minimized with a “packaging on demand” system, and all materials used are 100% recyclable, including grass cartons and bubble wrap. Furthermore, energy consumption is significantly reduced through the use of LED lighting throughout the facility. Additionally, motion-detection and presence-detection systems ensure that lighting is only used when necessary in picktowers, common spaces, and for conveyor belts. These measures collectively contribute to a highly sustainable distribution center.

Here are the main high-level points of the fulfillment center:

  • Fast and Reliable Delivery: The fulfillment center boasts the capability to cover Germany and Eastern Europe within 24 hours.
  • Experienced Team: Radial Europe’s fulfillment center in Halle has a very experienced team that is ready to handle all your fulfillment needs.
  • Flexible Order Processing: With late order cut-offs, you can be confident that your orders will be shipped out on time.
  • Centrally Located: The fulfillment center is close to national and international hubs, which means that your shipments will get on their way quickly and efficiently.
  • Multiple Carrier Options: You can choose from a huge variety of carriers to find the best fit for your needs.
  • Dedicated International Shipping: Radial Europe’s fulfillment center in Halle has dedicated international line-haul lanes to ensure that your shipments get to their destination quickly and efficiently.

Conveyor systems are the workhorses of efficient warehouse transportation. They act as automated pathways that continuously move goods throughout the facility, reducing manual labor and streamlining the fulfillment process.

Rows of garments in every color hang neatly on Halle fulfillment center’s rail systems, ready for swift retrieval and packing by our fulfillment team.

Overall, the fulfillment center in Siriusstraße 3, Halle is a great option for those businesses looking for a fast, reliable, and experienced fulfillment partner in Germany. Get in touch with us, we will provide all the information you need to start growing your business.

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