Custom Packaging Solutions for Retail

In retail, efficient packaging is crucial for both cost savings and environmental impact. At Radial, we implemented a cutting-edge system from Packsize International to address the challenges of a large DIY retailer. Here’s what you need to know:

The EM7 Packaging Machine

The Packsize EM7 is a state-of-the-art packaging machine designed to create custom-sized boxes on demand.

The Packsize EM7 can help achieving supply chain efficiencies, greater warehouse space, fewer product damages, and minimized void fill.

Here are its key features:

  • On-Demand Packaging: The EM7 is perfect for complex, custom box-making needs. It streamlines the supply chain by producing boxes as needed, reducing warehouse space requirements.
  • Unlimited Box Designs: With longitudinal cutting capabilities and the ability to hold up to four grades of corrugated material, the EM7 can create an endless variety of box sizes and styles.
  • Robust Functions: The machine offers longitudinal and transverse cutting, creasing, and perforation. Whether it’s a single-piece order or a batch, the EM7 adapts seamlessly.
  • Sustainability and Savings: By optimizing box sizes, Packsize customers use 26% less corrugated material. This not only saves money but also reduces environmental impact. Additionally, shipping box empty space is reduced by 40%.

Results and Impact
The large DIY retailer that adopted the EM7 has seen significant benefits:

  • Cost Reduction: They’ve experienced a 30% reduction in corrugate spend, which directly impacts their bottom line.
  • Increased Efficiency: Trailer cube utilization has increased by 35%, leading to more efficient transportation.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Customized packaging improves the unboxing experience, making it more personalized and professional for customers.
  • Sustainability: Fewer trucks on the road mean reduced carbon emissions. The initiative aligns with the retailer’s sustainability goals.

Radial uses Packsize packaging machines in both Kassel and Staufenberg to meet its customer’s needs. They can create cartons up to 4 meters in length, and print 40 different types of cartons.
Customization and efficient packing are key aspects of Radial services in Europe.

Radial’s Warehouses in Germany

Radial operates distribution warehouses in Kassel and Staufenberg, Germany. Managed by Viktor Iwanow, these sites specialize in DIY sector fulfillment services for a renowned German retailer.

Here are the key details:

  • Product Range: Kassel handles construction materials like stones and tiles, while Staufenberg focuses on gardening products. Kassel’s warehouse is noted for handling large, heavy items.
  • VAS and Packaging: Both sites use Packsize machines to create customized cartons up to 4 meters long. These boxes cater to retail store requirements rather than the e-commerce market.
  • Sustainability Efforts: The warehouses prioritize environmental responsibility. They have LED lighting installed and plans for solar panels. Additionally, they’ve achieved ISO 14001 certification.

In summary, the EM7 simplifies the packaging supply chain, eliminates concerns about box inventory, and contributes to a better customer experience and environmental responsibility. Meanwhile, Radial’s German warehouses focus on specialized fulfillment services and sustainable practices.