Uncovering Radial’s sites: Kassel and Staufenberg, Germany

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Viktor Iwanow, site manager in Kassel and Staufenberg, Germany, highlights the unique aspects of both sites. He discusses their specialized services and contributions within the Radial network, delving into vertical experience, VAS services, location attributes, labour flexibility and sustainability.

Explore the unique features of Radial’s distribution warehouses presented by Viktor Iwanow, Site Manager in Kassel and Staufenberg.


Joanna: Viktor, you manage both Radial warehouses in Kassel and Staufenberg, Germany. What makes these warehouses unique within the Radial network?

Viktor: The distinction lies in our exclusive focus on the DIY sector. Specifically, we provide fulfillment services for a renowned DIY German brand.

Joanna: What kind of products do you distribute from these facilities?

Viktor: The facility in Kassel stocks a comprehensive range of construction materials, including stones, concrete segments, tiles, and fences, providing everything needed for building a house. The warehouse in Staufenberg is dedicated mainly to gardening products.

Warehouses in Kassel and Staufenberg specialize in DIY


Joanna: Both sites’ noteworthy advantages are …

Viktor: Our warehouse in Kassel spans an impressive 52,000 sqm, making it the largest facility within Radial.

It specializes in two to four-men handling products, which are large and heavy. These items can range from two to four meters in length and weigh up to 180 kilograms each.

We handle shipments on pallets, offering a range of 11 different pallet sizes. Our pallets vary in size, with the smallest being standard-sized and the largest extending up to 4 meters. We utilize specialized equipment and employ highly trained staff to manage the unique challenges posed by such oversized goods.

The warehouse in Staufenberg operates on a smaller scale, primarily handling smaller loads that typically require two people to handle.

Value Added Services

Joanna: Do you provide unique or essential VAS services?

Viktor: Apart from manual operations, we utilize Packsize packaging machines to meet our customer’s needs. We have the capability to create cartons up to 4 meters in length to accommodate the longest goods.

The machines can print 40 different types of cartons, with a focus on meeting the requirements of retail stores rather than the ecommerce market. Customization and efficient packing are essential aspects of our operations.

Packsize machines create customized cartons up to 4 meters in length

Location and delivery

Joanna: What are the location advantages for each warehouse?

Viktor: Our central location in Germany provides convenient access to countries such as France, Austria, the Netherlands, and Belgium within just a four-hour drive.

In Kassel, parcel and pallet carriers are situated around our warehouse. We collaborate with nine pellet shipping carriers, all of whom provide last-mile services.

Additionally, the warehouse in Staufenberg is very close to DHL’s parcel sorting centre ensuring seamless operations and eliminating any capacity-related issues on their end.

These features optimize our distribution network and ensure highly accessible transportation.

Joanna: Could you share the typical delivery times for shipments?

Viktor: All parcels received by 5:00 PM must be dispatched on the same day. Around 80% of these parcels are delivered the following day according to our standard delivery timeline. This enables convenient scheduling for end customers.

Labour flexibility

Joanna: Is your labour arrangement adaptable to changing needs and demands within the operations?

Viktor: We have a special contract with a labour agency. Our partnership revolves around one key partner who collaborates with various agencies to ensure the smooth execution of these operations. This year alone, we’ve successfully unloaded 400 C containers filled with goods from overseas.

The warehouse in Kassel, Germany, is the largest facility within Radial in Europe and the first one with ISO 14,001 certification


Joanna: Please describe your sustainability approach.

Both sites, in Kassel and Staufenberg, are modern and environmentally friendly. We’ve upgraded our lighting to the latest LED technology and are planning to install solar panels on the roof.

Additionally, we’ve received ISO 14001 certification, making us the first in Radial Europe’s warehouse portfolio to achieve this internationally recognized standard for environmental management systems (EMS). This certification proves our dedication to environmental responsibility and sustainability. We will leverage it to effectively manage and improve our impacts and performance.

Viktor Iwanow, Site Manager, Kassel and Staufenberg

Viktor started in logistics at SMA Solar Technology AG in 2009, gaining expertise in logistics, operations, and transport management. Roles in the military and automotive sectors broadened his skills. Joining Geodis as a supervisor marked his entry into ecommerce. As Operations Manager, he led teams of up to 450 employees achieving milestones with Amazon as a client. In 2020 he joined Radial, embracing the challenge of site operations.

Russian-born Viktor settled in Germany at age 9. He enjoys time with his partner, gym, mountain biking, and American football.