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Fraud Insight

Add some torque to your fraud detection.

Supplement your existing fraud management capabilities with an instant high, medium, low risk rating for orders with Radial Fraud Insight. No matter the size of your business, you’re susceptible to fraud, especially as online and mobile fraud continues to explode.

Get a handle on your fraud challenges and add some much needed torque to convert more orders with our consortium data and expert insights. Fraud Insight is simple to integrate and can be optimized in stages to provide maximum value.

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Fraud Insight

Get a real-time risk assessment on your orders and increase conversions. This unique pre-authorization lets businesses of all sizes leverage the same network of billions of transaction records utilized by our full service fraud solutions and your supplied data to create a custom model specifically tailored to accurately identify fraudulent orders in your environment.  

  • Pass your order data to Radial Insight and we evaluate and rate the riskiness of every order using our advanced analytics and consortium data.
  • You get a risk rating from our best-in-class fraud solution that gives you added insight and greater accuracy to confidently convert more legitimate orders while creating less friction for your customers.​
  • Simple API call
  • Real-time risk ratings (high, medium, low) for every order
  • Higher order conversions and fewer false positives
  • No bank authorization fees for orders you would typically reject
  • Better customer insight

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Fraud Insight