TaylorMade Hits a Hole in One with Radial Fraud Protection

man hitting a golf ball on golf course

Established in 1979 by Gary Adams, TaylorMade Golf is one of the leading innovators in golf equipment. Starting with the metalwood driver, made from stainless steel instead of traditional wood, TaylorMade is committed to innovation through authenticity, equipping some of the world’s best golfers on the PGA, LPGA and world tours.


In recent years, golf has experienced tremendous growth in popularity with more rounds played than ever and new/beginner golfer growth breaking records. This increase in demand has paved the way for innovators like TaylorMade Golf, but it’s also been an opportunity for fraudsters to purchase in bulk and resell popular items. TaylorMade Golf also noticed a concerning order decline rate due to their current fraud algorithm impacting one out of every ten orders and knew the customer experience was suffering.


In 2018, TaylorMade Golf joined the Radial family and started using Radial Payment Solutions fraud protection, a technologically advanced machine learning platform designed to automatically detect fraudulent orders based on the retailer’s specific business rules. Radial also provided a team of resources to continuously monitor transactions and report on activity to create efficiencies and increased transparency.


  • 99.03%
    2022 approval rate
  • 54%
    decrease in chargebacks after launching Fraud Zero
  • 200%
    decrease in manual reviews after launching Fraud Zero
  • 2,022
    2022 fraudulent transactions prevented


Since onboarding Radial Payment Solution’s fraud protection, TaylorMade Golf has seen significant improvements to their approval rates, service level agreements, and overall confidence that they are protecting themselves and their customers against fraud. They were covered during times of increased ecommerce business and are seeing gains in time and revenue due to chargeback provisions and limited manual review. While TaylorMade Golf was certainly pleased to get issue resolution speed down to 20-hours, they are also grateful to have a partner who is looking out for their business. Through the power of Radial’s people and technology, Radial provided a best-in-class solution for TaylorMade Golf that helped them protect their core business as well as their bottom line.

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