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TaylorMade Golf’s Fraud Story


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View this on-demand webinar with TaylorMade Golf and Radial to get insights into today’s top fraud trends and what retailers need to do to survive. 

TaylorMade shares their first hand challenges and the strategies and tools they put into place to drive down fraud and chargebacks, while increasing good conversions and revenue.  The webinar provides insights into:  

  • Form jacking 
  • Future of card-not-present transactions 
  • Chargeback protocol updates 
  • Fraud business solutions, including manual review, machine learning, and rules  
  • How to increase approvals and good conversions 


Hani Yassin,  Director of Digital Commerce - TaylorMade Golf 
Geoffrey Blackburn, Fraud Operations Manager - Radial
Tyler Hodgins, Senior Solution Consultant - Radial

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