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Retail Supply Chain Innovations

Find out how some retailers have overcome supply chain challenges while planning for new ones.
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Before becoming a health and economic crisis, the pandemic was a supply chain problem. Even now, the pandemic has forced the world to see just how fragile global interconnected supply chains can be. And more problems have arisen as the cascading effect continues to cause retailers to struggle to not only receive products but also to get their products to consumers.  

Among the many challenges retailers are facing besides supply chain management include accessing real-time data, setting up alternative contactless pickup options, and finding alternative shipping methods that won’t break the bank or deter customers from purchasing. Find out how some retailers have overcome these challenges while planning for new ones in our latest collaboration with Smartbrief: Retail Supply Chains Take on Pandemic-Era Challenges.

The paper also explores:  

  • The tools and tech necessary to maintain and scale operations  
  • Insights from retailers on their operations strategies and needs 
  • Predictions for a more nimble supply chain 
  • And much more!