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Research Reveals ROI of BOPIS


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Research Reveals ROI of BOPIS

In part two of this two-part report series, NAPCO Research and Radial examine the impact BOPIS programs are having on retailers’ bottom lines.

The survey results revealed that BOPIS is helping to improve retailers’ bottom lines in several significant ways, including boosting ecommerce conversion rates, driving incremental in-store sales, and generating increased average order values for in-store customers. 

Some of the report findings include:  

  • 67 % of shoppers in the U.S. have used BOPIS in the past 6 months 
  • 88% of retailers are able to track incremental in-store purchases from the BOPIS customers 
  • 98% of retailers who have adopted these programs, say they’re getting additional in-store purchases from their BOPIS customers

If you missed part one, we surveyed retail executives to gain a better understanding of how traditional retailers are fighting back against their digitally-native counterparts by investing in technology and leveraging stores for buy online pick-up in store (BOPIS) options.

We examined the prevalence of BOPIS within the retail industry, the components required to get BOPIS operational, the challenges associated with omnichannel fulfillment and the solutions to address those challenges. 


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