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ROM 20.2 Release is Here!

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Introducing, Radial Order Management (ROM) 20.2.

Consumers buying journeys and habits have drastically changed since the beginning of 2020 with a marked increase in the adoption of new programs that are more convenient for customers. Programs like buy online, pick up in-store (BOPIS), buy online, return in-store (BORIS), buy online, pick-up at curbside (BOPAC) and ship-from-store, which all allow the customer to maintain safety protocols but require more thought and sophisticated technology from the retailer. 

To enable all these programs, and provide a seamless experience for customers, retailers and brands need omnichannel technology that can evolve to adapt to the changing needs of their customers.

Introducing, Radial Order Management (ROM) 20.2. 

Our latest release provides a completely enhanced user experience that allows you to see the end-to-end journey of your products in a single view. 

Now, you can quickly view global inventory and orders, or modify configurations for order routing in real-time. So, when a customer purchases a product, you can easily and quickly determine where it is, no matter if it’s still at the fulfillment center or en route to the customer.  In addition, you’ll have: 

  • Total Control – Enjoy increased efficiency, reduced costs, and improved project productivity with the ability to adjust workflows on your own. No more waiting for your OMS provider to do it for you!
  • Data Visibility – The enhanced user interface gives greater visibility into the order journey and other data sets allowing you to identify roadblocks and adjust in real-time, reducing errors and saving money. Store employees responsible for picking, packing and shipping will also see greater throughput to ensure orders are ready for shipping or customer pick up, allowing you to keep your delivery promises. 
  • Enhanced Cancellation Configuration – With the surge in eCommerce sales and popularity of buy-online, pick-up in-store (BOPIS), there has been an increase in consumers failing to pick up their orders, resulting in product availability delays. With this release, we have improved configuration options to allow for cancellations and make the product immediately available for purchase. 
  • Reduced Shipping Costs – How do you remain profitable and keep your customers happy with ever-increasing shipping costs without spending more time searching for shipping providers? With ROM 20.2, our Ship Method Optimization feature helps retailers find the most cost-effective shipping method, reducing costs and protecting margins on each order.
  • Intuitive User Experience – With ROM 20.2, you will see a visual update and easily find the order information you seek effectively cutting back on the time wasted searching through data. We care about the health of our users, and have opted for a “dark screen” to prevent eye strain. Store associates using the ROM 20.2 interface for long periods of time can continue monitoring orders without the worry of discomfort.  

Ready for a more intuitive and flexible order management solution?  Learn more or speak with a Radial team member today.