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Flexible Order Orchestration and Workflow Management

Deliver on your promises to customers with Radial's Order Management System (OMS). The ROM’s workflow management visualization provides users a single complete view of the end-to-end process and the flexibility to enable multiple flows based on attributes of an order or item. 

Enhanced Configurations

Make adjustments in real time, when you need them. Our suite of configurations allows you to truly own your order management system to accommodate the changing needs of your customers. Need to cancel a BOPIS order? Your product will immediately be available with our enhanced cancellation configuration.

Ship Method Optimization & Faster Delivery Times

Don’t have time to find the most cost-effective shipping method? Our order management system does this for you, saving you time, and reducing costs for you and your customers. Delight your customers with on-time and in some cases, early deliveries.

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Enable Growth and Expansion with a Customized OMS

In today’s world, having an optimized order management software that’s intuitive and user-friendly makes a world of difference to a company's bottom line. As consumer behavior continues to drive strategy, retailers will need an order management system to keep pace with demand and stay competitive.

That’s why our latest Radial Order Management (ROM) release is a different approach to order orchestration backed by over 30 years of direct-to-consumer expertise. Our system is built with the retailer in mind providing efficiency to Supply Chain Administrators, Store Managers and Associates. Quickly view global inventory and orders, modify configurations for order routing and pinpoint exactly where a product is. With the fastest time to market, our ROM offerings can grow with you, when you need it.

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