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Radial Omnichannel Suite Continues to Drive Commerce Efficiencies

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The latest release of Radial Order Management continues that tradition of making it easier for our customers to efficiently respond to the changing preferences of their customers.
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This last year has taught us all many lessons on quickly adjusting to business shifts, just to keep the lights on for another month.  One of the main lessons we learned is that many order management systems are not flexible enough to handle the rapid changes that are needed to provide the seamless buying experience that customers expect.  A recent Retail Systems Research study confirms this, finding that 56% of retail respondents struggle with fulfilling online demand.  Manual workarounds continue to be an expensive stop-gap method to quickly adapt business processes to support the ever-changing order fulfillment options required to deliver that seamless customer buying experience.   

One example is curbside pickup.  As consumers purchase items online, they expect them to be ready at the promised time that the retailer gives, and available for curbside pickup when they arrive.  On the brand side, there are multiple steps to ensure that this process is executed seamlessly and still at a profit.  And unfortunately, many retailers are finding that costly manual processes are needed to quickly support this fulfillment option because their order management solutions cannot support this.  Radial, on the other hand, was able to help a customer offer curbside pickup in less than a day.   

Radial has always made flexibility a focus of our Omnichannel Solution.  We know that business processes need to adapt at a moment’s notice and retailers do not want to spend weeks or months changing software code to adapt.  The latest release of Radial Order Management continues that tradition of making it easier for our customers to efficiently respond to the changing preferences of their customers as well as regional requirements.  Some examples of that focus include: 

  • Improved confirmation of pickup orders – This enhancement enables Store Associates to confirm pickup of an entire order without having to scan each individual item. If the customer refuses an item, the Store Associate can enter that quantity in the Pick Decline field, but still confirm the whole order. This process streamlines the pickup process, saving time for both the Store Associate and the customer. 
  • Save the sale with order re-allocation or cancel via the reason code – Radial Order Management can now reallocate orders to other nodes based on the cancellation reason from the warehouse.  Orders that were canceled or pick-declined at the warehouse can automatically be reallocated to save the sale and avoid order cancellation, increasing sales and customer satisfaction.   
  • Improved store pickup process drives greater inventory efficiencies – Additional information was added to the push notification that is sent when a customer fails to pick up an order after a certain amount of time.  By adding the names and staging location, Store Associates can more quickly identify the orders in their staging area that they need to restock, increasing the availability of inventory that can be sold.   
  • Improving the returns process with barcodes and store location – The customer receipt can now be printed with a bar code for the order level or item level and can also provide the store location.  The Store Associate can easily scan the barcode to initiate a return when a customer returns an item to the store, greatly improving the time it takes to enter a return.   

As we continue to improve our solutions, supported by decades of retail experience, our focus is to remove the complexity of omnichannel by providing the flexibility and depth of functionality required for brands to futureproof their business and successfully service their customer’s evolving commerce needs.  Is your business ready for a more intuitive and flexible omnichannel solution?  Learn more or speak with a Radial team member today.