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Radial Fraud Zero – Now Available on Shopify 

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Our fully managed enterprise fraud protection service app is now available on Shopify via the shopify app store.
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By Andrew Gellene 

Managing fraud is a constant challenge for eCommerce retailers. If you’re using Shopify, I’m excited to tell you that we’ve just made enterprise level fraud management a whole lot easier. Our fully managed enterprise fraud protection service app is now available on Shopify via the shopify app store.

There are many fraud solutions in the market.  Shopify even provides fraud tools as part of their standard solution. These solutions are good for small businesses with a relatively low risk profile and volume of transactions.  However, as your business grows, the complexity of managing fraud and understanding the nuances of rule creation and decision analysis can limit your growth and profitability.  In addition, if you receive a high number of fraud chargebacks then your Shopify payment processing will be disabled, and you might be removed from Shopify Payments.

So, what is an “enterprise” level fraud solution and what can Fraud Zero do for you?  

Fraud Zero is an enterprise level fraud solution because it has been proven highly effective at managing fraud at an enterprise volume (billions of dollars) and enterprise complexity of fraud preventive measures. These measures include the usual tools of fraud analysis, machine learning, AI, pre-authorization velocity data points, but most importantly our services are managed by a dedicated team with experience.    

Experience is the key differentiator, fraud tools and analysis are infective by themselves. Shopify’s fraud tools will provide you with a simple low, medium, and high risk indicators of transactions. But what then?   

fraud zero shopify app

Shopify relies on you to make the decisions to accept a transaction. If you are wrong, you will pay the price. Even if a transaction is rate to be low, that does not mean it will not be fraudulent. Today’s fraudsters are organized and sophisticated and they adapt to focus on merchants whose fraud strategy relies on simplistic transparent rules. Putting it simply, if you are not 100% engaged to fighting fraud, you will be a target.  

Simple rules such as a Banned IP are straight forward but what if that IP address was banned because it was a hotel IP address that was used in past by bad actors?   

How will you evaluate a potential sale with this uncertainty?  

This is just one example of the need for a deeper more thorough analysis Fraud Zero can give you.  

With an enterprise level managed fraud service, Fraud Zero provides you the experience, focus and guarantees you will not pay for any fraud on transaction we approve.   

As a result, you can experience: 

  • Improved conversions

  • Streamlined customer experience

  • Eliminated chargeback liability

  • Brand Protection

Radial Fraud Zero is a fully outsourced, managed service for fraud protection, delivering industry-leading approval rates and zero fraud liability for merchants. We provide a holistic approach to fraud management so you can focus on delivering great customer experiences and be confident that you’re protecting your customers and business from fraud.  

I’ve talked with a lot of mid-market eCommerce retailers and they want to know how their business will benefit by using a managed fraud approach, and in particular, Radial. I can tell you that when you sign up for Radial Fraud Zero for Shopify, you’ll experience:  

  • No more fraud management hassle – we take care of it end-to-end

  • Zero fraud liability – you’ll never be liable for fraud chargebacks; we manage the dispute process with expert chargeback representation Easy API integrations with your existing systems

  • Improved conversion rates – 98.9% of orders are approved 

  • 24/7 order investigation response 

If you are curious to understand the impact on your bottom line, we have a fraud calculator that can assist you in your evaluation.

We have been doing this for 20+ years and have the industry depth and expertise to bring enterprise- level fraud management to mid-market merchants. The biggest lift is off your people, particularly if you have an IT or fraud/finance team handling multiple fraud prevention vendors and tools.   

When is a managed fraud prevention solution right for you? 

One of the things I get asked a lot is: how do we know when our business needs a managed solution? The answer to that is typically when you get to an inflection point in transaction volumes where you start to fall behind on chargeback management. This usually means you’re growing faster than your current solutions can keep pace, and you don’t have the staff to handle more volume. You need to scale your fraud prevention as fast as your business, but you don’t have the in-house expertise to do so. You can choose to grow your fraud team inhouse or decide if it would be more economical to choose a managed solution by people who are eCommerce fraud and payment solution experts. For most fast-growing eCommerce merchants, a managed solution makes the most sense. 

How does Radial Fraud Zero for Shopify work?  

It’s easy. Install the app and you’ll begin passing your online transactions right from your Shopify store. Radial Fraud Zero uses sophisticated technology to evaluate every transaction and provides a systematic decision within milliseconds. Most transactions get a pass/fail decision, but for those that require more intense scrutiny, our highly experienced fraud experts will conduct a manual review and inform you of the decision. You determine specific service levels based on your needs. And we only get paid when a transaction is successfully processed. We’re focused on preventing false declines, while eliminating bad actors, so that your legitimate customers have a seamless shopping experience.  

fraud zero shopify app

I will say, a lot goes on behind the scenes in fraud management – we handle all aspects of the data science, rules and analytics, fraud and chargeback operations. With more than 20 years in eCommerce fraud protection, we use machine learning to draw on our consortium data, including 8 billion historical transaction records. We also utilize anonymized fraud data from across our network of clients to benefit all – if a bad customer shows up at another of our merchants, that data will be used to support your fraud decisions as well.  

Free your time to focus on your customer experience 

Fraud management is a full-time job in itself. We believe eCommerce merchants should be freed up to focus on crafting superior customer experiences and innovating on their brands. Radial stays ahead of the latest fraud trends, and utilizes the latest fraud protection technologies, coupled with our people who have extensive experience in fraud management. You’ll get a high touch experience by people who are passionate about fraud prevention and devoted to your customer experience success.  

We’re here for you.

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