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Online Retailers Respond to the Effects of a Global Pandemic

Internet Retailer has released a new report that looks at the ways businesses have had to adapt in light of the pandemic.

As the threat of COVID-19 continues to loom, we begin to see the short-term effects it has had on every aspect of the retail industry, from store closures to a surge in eCommerce, modified return policies, and overhauled marketing messages. News is changing rapidly, and retailers are facing difficulties as they pivot their business strategies.     

Digital Commerce 360 has released a new report that looks at the ways businesses have had to adapt in light of the pandemic. Retailers, analysts, consultants, and vendors have come together to provide a guide on ways merchants can navigate through this unprecedented time.   

This report features an up-to-the-minute look at the situation and provides valuable insights on the following:   

  • Exclusive research on how leading e-retailers are communicating with their customers   
  • An in-depth look at what Amazon Marketplace sellers are doing in light of the rapid updates to Amazon’s policies   
  • Advice from retailers, consultants, and vendors about how retailers can revise their strategies