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3 Ways to Use Your OMS to Increase Customer Satisfaction

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A quality order management system (OMS) can be the key to raising your customer satisfaction score. Here’s how.
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Every retail and eCommerce business wants to keep its customers happy. After all, an NPS promoter has a lifetime value 6-15x higher than that of a detractor. But it’s a lot easier said than done.  

To achieve high customer satisfaction scores (CSAT), you need to have minimal friction in your checkout process, get orders shipped out quickly and cheaply, and make sure your team is always at the top of their game.  

But believe it or not, a quality order management system (OMS) can be the key to raising your customer satisfaction score. Here’s how.  

Set Stock Alerts 

Running out of inventory is a really good way to lose customers and give those who stay a negative perception of you. However, it can be difficult to avoid if you don’t know exactly how much inventory you have on hand.  

By setting stock alerts in your OMS, you can get notified anytime individual product inventory dips below an acceptable level. This ensures that you have time to reorder the product or shift inventory around, so you don’t wind up with stockouts and backorders.  

Since this means customers won’t be faced with the dreaded “out of stock” label when they land on your product pages, you’ll be able to successfully avoid the associated drop in customer satisfaction.  

Implement Inventory Holds 

Your customers don’t want to add an item to their cart, only to find that another eCommerce shopper snagged and bought the last one before they could reach the checkout page. Not only does it decrease customer satisfaction at the moment, but it can breed long-term distrust in your website and your business.  

Using your OMS, you can place items on soft hold (and adjust your inventory levels accordingly) anytime shoppers put them in their carts. This ensures that customers can finish checking out without worrying that products will disappear before they can click the final “place order” button.  

Consolidate Orders  

When customers place multiple orders — one right after the other — it’s only natural for your solutions to fulfill each order independently. However, this can create unnecessary expenses (as several packages are shipped to the same place at the same time) and lead to inordinate amounts of strain on your fulfillment teams and carriers.  

In directing your OMS to consolidate customer orders, you can combine purchases made in quick succession into a single box. Not only does this cut down on packaging and shipping costs for you, but it can also delight your customers, as all of their products arrive at the same time.  

While it’s impossible to please every customer every single time, there are several measures you can take to boost your customer satisfaction score.  

And using Radial’s OMS, you can make all three of the improvements listed above in one go. From creating stock alerts and putting soft holds on products to consolidating orders into a single box or bag, our order management system has the ability to truly keep your customer base happy.