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Today’s customers have different expectations when it comes to shopping and brand loyalty. Their purchasing preferences change and with it, must your strategy. To be successful in the current market, you need to have the right technology to give your customers what they want, when and how they want it.

Remove bottlenecks and improve customer experience with Radial Order Management (ROM). Backed by over 30 years of direct-to-consumer expertise, this flexible order management system offers the fastest time to revenue and pre-integration with major players in the industry like Salesforce Cloud, Shopify and Magento, in addition to our entire suite of technology and services.

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The Power of Intelligent, Flexible Order Routing

Using data analytics and intuitive workflows, your orders will arrive on time and at the right place, winning over your most valuable asset – customer loyalty. Because the modern customer’s loyalty is harder to win over, we built ROM to achieve specific customer-centered services:

Order Orchestration

Dynamically orchestrate complex sourcing and fulfillment scenarios to fulfill orders quickly, from the best and most profitable locations, using an enterprise-wide view of inventory.

Enterprise Inventory Optimization and Availability

Consolidate inventory from disparate systems to create a single trusted enterprise view. Manage Available to Promise inventory by channel with flexible rules that give you real-time control and minimal out-of-stocks. Gain full supply chain visibility to track and allocate in-transit inventory.

Returns Processing and Management

With our hassle-free returns program, your customers experience a simple, convenient returns option. We process returns from receipt to refund, offering a full suite of reverse-logistics solutions, including buy online, return in store, eligibility checks, RMA ID Generation, and return label services.

Customer Service Enablement

Stay in tune with your customers and build loyalty. From order capture, lookup and modification to cancels, refunds and credits, empower your agents to personalize every customer engagement, improve service, and boost satisfaction.

Intelligence and Analytics

See all your inbound, outbound, item, order and customer data from a single view with our analytics dashboards. You’ll have access to insights on key KPIs -demand, shipments, cancellation and returns. As well as descriptive and predictive data analysis abilities. Know when every order will be shipped and delivered. Easily create, schedule and share dashboards via email, mobile platform and collaborate on results.

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Profitable Order Management

Smart View of Inventory

Reduce the number of lost sales by having access to every product in your network regardless of location.

Lower Fulfillment & Freight Costs

Ship orders the smartest way possible, reducing time in transit and cost of delivery.

Better Margins

By making better use of your network-wide inventory, you'll have better sell-through rates and fewer markdowns.

Increased Productivity

Intuitive UI designed to be frictionless and role-based to get your associates back on the floor ASAP.

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Radial Order Management