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Radial Order Management

Radial Order Management

Today’s customer has different expectations when it comes to shopping and brand loyalty. For a retailer to be successful in the current market, you need to empower customers with options.

This is where Radial Order Management (ROM) comes in. ROM is a different approach to Order Management backed by over 30 years of direct-to-consumer expertise.


Virtually anyone, from fledgling newcomers to established players, will be able to launch ROM without budgetary concerns. We have removed the complexity that keeps so many retailers up at night just managing the day-to-day business.

ROM offers the fastest time to revenue and is pre-integrated with major players in the industry such as Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Magento; it’s also pre-integrated with our entire suite of technology and services.

Focused on Customer Experience

Because the modern customer’s loyalty is harder to win over, we built ROM to achieve specific customer-centered services.

  • Reduced Delivery Times
  • Cross-Channel Returns
  • Minimal Out-of-Stocks
  • Multiple Delivery Options

Your customers can have all these perks, and you’ll be a customer service hero!

Pre-integrated with:

Best-in-Class Fulfillment Network

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Customer Care Services

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Tier-1 Payment & Fraud

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Webstore Partners

Salesforce Commerce Cloud

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FitForCommerce Verification or “FFC Verified” is a structured evaluation process by which a certified analyst reviews claims and proof points for pre-defined features and capabilities important to an eCommerce website and business. FFC Verification is a recognized industry-standard evaluation method.

Profitable Order Management

Smart View of Inventory

Reduce the number of lost sales by having access to every product in your network regardless of location.

Lower Fulfillment & Freight Costs

Ship orders the smartest way possible, reducing time in transit and cost of delivery.

Better Margins

By making better use of your network-wide inventory, you'll have better sell-through rates and fewer markdowns.

Increased Productivity

Intuitive UI designed to be frictionless and role-based to get your associates back on the floor ASAP.

Future Ready

The most important feature of ROM relates less to what’s in it and more to HOW it’s designed. Because the industry is constantly changing, ROM has been designed to allow you change to stay ahead of the industry.

As new shopping trends come and go, you’ll be able to create new, customized features and experiences for your customers. As the industry shifts, you can shift to stay ahead of it.

  • SaaS solution
  • Wizard-driven provisioning tool reduces setup by 90% over leading OMS
  • Single view of enterprise inventory & availability
  • In-store return and exchange processing capability for online or offline purchases
  • Real-time visibility and accessibility to inventory across the enterprise from any sales channel
  • Intelligent routing fulfills every order based on customizable business rules
  • Ship method optimization automatically selects most cost-effective carrier/mode to meet promise date




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Radial Order Management