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Pivoting to Omnichannel for a Flexible Global Logistic and Supply Chain Strategy

Learn how retailers are pivoting with omnichannel order management systems.
woman with shopping cart looking at mobile phone

If the pandemic has raised awareness in one area, it’s made it painstakingly obvious the challenges retailers still face with their supply chains and the desperate need for correcting them.  But there’s one realization retailers weren’t counting on – the benefits from a customer perspective.

Customers continue to go where there’s higher availability, greater choice of fulfilment options, and better customer service. Yet offering these options poses a level of complexity retailers may or may not be prepared for. 

Learn how retailers are pivoting with omnichannel order management systems in our latest Radial Europe and Internet Retailing collaborated whitepaper.

Inside you’ll find:  

  • Survey results from retail industry stakeholders  
  • Discover the growing role of the order management system (OMS) 
  • Read the dangers a lack of flexibility poses 
  • How digital transformation and blurring the channel boundaries can help retailers 
  • Plus much more! 

Watch our webinar where we discuss the whitepaper in detail and hear how a global footwear brand futureproofed their business with omnichannel.