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Pivoting to Omnichannel with a Flexible Supply Chain


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Having an omnichannel supply chain became paramount when normal retail business operations were turned upside down in 2020. A year later, retailers still struggle to have the flexibility necessary to survive, as the change in consumer buying preferences largely centered around fulfilment becomes a permanent need.  

Watch our latest Radial Europe and Internet Retailing collaborated webinar featuring how Bata, a global footwear brand, digitally future-proofed their global supply chain by putting omnichannel initiatives at the center of their transformation journey.

You’ll learn:  

  • How an Order Management System lies at the center of future-generation supply chain flexibility 
  • The challenges of turning stores into mini fulfilment centers (and how to combat them) 
  • Optimizing cross-border sales by utilizing a combination of fulfilment centers and physical stores 
  • How Bata was able to sell more online without driving additional site visitors 
  • Driving customer satisfaction through increased fulfilment choices 
  • How Bata was able to utilize their supply chain advancements during lockdown 

You’ll also hear from Radial experts with real-world examples of the key capabilities and measures to look for when optimizing your omnichannel supply chain. 

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