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New Concepts to Maximize In-Store Traffic

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How do you maximize store traffic when customers are in a grab-and-go mode?
picture of retail clothing store with clothes on racks and shelves

Since the start of the pandemic in 2020, buy online pick-up in-store has spiked in popularity. And this new way of shopping doesn’t appear to be going anywhere. According to Insider Intelligence, click-and-collect will continue growing by double digits until at least 2024.¹ 

While this opens the door to new store fulfillment options for retailers, it also brings a set of challenges. As customers spend less time browsing physical shelves and walking store aisles, impulse buys and larger sales can decrease.  

How do you maximize store traffic when customers are in a grab-and-go mode? Here are 3 suggestions.  

Place Displays Next to Pickup Areas 

Putting snack food next to registers and seasonal items on end-caps can encourage people to add a few extra items to their cart before checking out. And the same principle applies to BOPIS orders. If relevant, highly popular items are within arms reach when your customers arrive to pick up an online order, they’re much more likely to buy them.   

For example, if lots of online orders include some form of footwear — be it boots, running shoes, or dress shoes — you putting a variety of socks, insoles, and moleskin next to the pickup kiosk can encourage cross-sells. Why? Because your customers can grab items that are already on their minds, without having to wander your store or place another online order.  

Stick Pickup Kiosks in the Back 

While many customers would prefer to grab their items from the front of your store, the location of the kiosk isn’t necessarily a deal-breaker for many shoppers. But it can make a huge difference for your sales.  

When you place the BOPIS kiosk in the back of your stores, customers will have to walk past dozens of aisles and end-caps stocked with complimentary items and small impulse buys (like bottled water, snack bags, or fruit) to reach it.  

Naturally, this increases the odds that they’ll pick up and purchase additional items they didn’t come for, since they aren’t just grabbing a box or bag at the front of the store and ducking out. And that means more potential revenue for your individual retail stores and organization as a whole.  

In-Store Only Promos 

It’s hard to resist a good deal, especially if redeeming it is easy. And what could be easier than simply showing up at an in-store register with a product from one of your shelves? Not much.  

The trick is to offer the coupon when your BOPIS customers check out and make sure the deal is either for a related item or a generic discount for in-store purchases. That way, customers are intrigued by what you have to offer and can easily buy the product (or several) when they show up to pick up their online order.  

As you build your buy online pick-up in-store offering, it’s important that you don’t give up on foot traffic. By strategically placing kiosks in the back of your stores, surrounding them with relevant product displays, and offering in-store only promos, you can successfully turn your grab-and-go customers into omnichannel shoppers.  


¹ “Click-and-Collect 2021: Buy Online, Pick-up In-Store (BOPIS) Industry Trends,” Insider Intelligence, May 2021