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Managing Chargebacks to Boost Profits


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Chargebacks are an unfortunate reality of a retail business and can be devastating to your bottom line. When you consider that over 84 percent of chargebacks are now due to fraud, developing a comprehensive strategy for managing them is critical for success.

Our new white paper, “Managing Chargebacks to Boost Profits,” provides everything you need to know to streamline the entire chargeback process, including smart fraud management, reducing fraud, clear policies and informed intelligence.

You’ll learn:

  • The top five reasons for chargebacks and when to dispute them
  • The lifecycle of a chargeback and specific steps to take to prevent and resolve chargebacks
  • The three “checks” your strategy should include to determine the best course of action to remedy a chargeback situation or recover a loss
  • 23 best practices that minimize chargeback losses and increase the likelihood of success in chargeback disputes

It’s essential to reduce chargebacks and prevent fraud to boost your revenue. Download the white paper to learn how.

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