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Bot and ATO Attacks, How They’re Related and What You Can Do


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In our current climate, more and more businesses are turning to eCommerce options. While the ease of online shopping appeals to most consumers, it’s important to remember the hidden dangers online buying can present.

Dangers such as account takeover (ATO) fraud and bots who are constantly scanning for customer information.

While ATO fraud used to concern mainly bankers and insurance companies, the range of online accounts being illegally accessed and monetized is exploding. According to the latest Global Ecommerce report from TransUnion, there’s been a 347% increase in ATO fraud from 2018-2019.

Help protect your consumers with our latest report with CNP: Bot and ATO Attacks, How They’re Related and What You Can Do.  

In our free report you’ll learn: Bot and ATO Attacks

  • What an ATO attack and what a bot attack are  
  • How the two are related  
  • How you can provide a better customer experience for your consumers by offering fraud protection  

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