Uncovering Radial’s sites: Manchester, UK

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Radial’s site near Manchester, UK, serves 15 clients across various industries, with a strong presence in health and beauty. Sarah Harvey, the Site Manager, describes several of its advantages, including flexibility and a central location within the country, which facilitates later cut-off times and next-day deliveries. The site focuses on customization and personalization of orders and handling luxury outbound orders. It can handle a wide range of order volumes, making it an ideal solution for ecommerce fulfillment and logistics needs.

Discover the distinctive attributes of Radial’s facility as presented by Sarah Harvey, the Site Manager overseeing operations in Chadderton, on the outskirts of Manchester, UK.

Central location in the UK

One noteworthy advantage of the UK site is…

The great thing about the UK site is its central location within the country. We have a great network of carrier hubs around us, which gives us the ability to have later cut-off times. We’ve also got excellent access routes throughout the UK and via the local airport, making it easy for us to achieve next-day deliveries and adjust cut-off times accordingly.

Availability of labour

What adds to the appeal of this site?

Another compelling reason for this location is the availability of labour. We benefit from a highly flexible labour pool supported by our on-site agency. We have an account manager and team associates right here with us, so the convenience is unmatched. When we need more people, all we have to do is ask a day before. This enables us to meet our clients’ demands with great flexibility.

Central location within the country with a great network of carrier hubs and excellent access routes throughout the UK and via the local airport.

Great flexibility

Is the facility in Manchester manual or automated?

All our operations are manual, which means we have great flexibility. Within the warehouse, we allocate specific areas for each client, allowing us to customize and brand the storage space to suit their needs. We handle all their goods, including picking and packing, in these designated areas. This manual approach enables us to offer highly bespoke solutions, whether it’s tailoring storage arrangements or customizing packaging. For instance, we can provide branded packaging or personalized pick slips upon request. Our manual processes allow us to be incredibly flexible and offer customized services tailored to each client’s requirements.

Customization and personalization

What kind of VAS do you offer?

The unique aspect of the UK site is our focus on customization and personalization. We provide a lot of value-added services, such as steaming garments, kitting, engraving, and handling high-end bespoke luxury outbound orders. We do a lot of kitting operations, specifically in the caged area, with very high-end, expensive goods. Their packaging is almost like a gift wrap; it has ribbons, tissues, and stickers. It’s beautiful!

On-site agency and manual operations allows for immediate responsiveness to changing needs and situations, ensuring efficient and tailored solutions for clients.

Diverse client portfolio and scalability

How many and what kind of clients do you have?

Across the site, we’ve got 15 clients, ranging from fairly small ones to very large ones, and we have a wide range of products. We possess extensive experience across various product types and in managing the scalability of different clients. Many of our clients, I’d say 70%, operate in the health and beauty sector, where we also have a rich heritage and significant experience. We also have clients who offer fashion, dietary supplements and home décor. We can handle clients that are doing dozens of orders a day equally as well as we can handle those that are doing several thousand orders a day. So it’s quite a significant range.

Overall, it’s an excellent site for managing all ecommerce fulfillment and logistics needs.  

Sarah Harvey, Site Manager, Manchester

Sarah is a seasoned professional with extensive experience in client management, sales, and operations in the e-commerce industry. As the UK Site Manager at Radial, she leads strategic initiatives and oversees client onboarding, client success, and sales operations. Sarah is dedicated to ensuring the successful launch of new clients across Europe, managing existing client relationships, and driving sales growth through tailored solutions. Sarah’s diverse experience and expertise make her a valuable asset in driving success and growth for Radial and its clients.

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