Radial’s impact at Supply Chain Innovations 2024

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Radial’s participation at Supply Chain Innovations 2024 underscore the company’s dedication to innovation and excellence in fulfillment. The engaging presentations not only showcased Radial’s achievements but also provided valuable insights for industry peers and customers alike. With a strong focus on practical experiences and solutions, Radial continues to lead the way in shaping the future of tailored fulfillment.
Radial at the Supply Chain Innovations 2024

Supply Chain Innovations 2024 in Antwerp proved to be an invaluable platform for industry professionals, offering a comprehensive insight into the latest trends and innovations within supply chain management. With over 60 partners and 800 attendees, the event was a bustling hub of knowledge exchange and networking opportunities.

Hands-on 3PL experience

One of the event’s standout features was the diverse range of presentations, organized in parallel sessions, covering various specific topics, such as “Digitalisation”, “Business Performance Management”, and “Omni-channel Management”, among others.

Radial presented two compelling case studies that garnered considerable interest from both supply chain professionals and customers.

299 robots work together with employees

Dries de Love, Executive Vice President, and Ruben Tiben, Operations Manager, showcased Radial’s collaboration with Dematic in a groundbreaking project at the new 26,000 m2 warehouse in Groningen. This facility, operational since May 2023, boasts two storage sections equipped with cutting-edge technology. Notably, 299 Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) work seamlessly alongside human employees, facilitating bin-to-person, pallet-to-person, and transport operations.

The presentation focused on the challenges encountered during the project and the innovative solutions devised to overcome them, making it one of the largest AMR implementations in Europe.

Ruben Tiben from Radial giving presentation at the Supply Chain Innovations 2024

Ruben Tiben giving presentation at the Supply Chain Innovations 2024 event

New platform drives sustainable growth

Jan Dierckx, Radial’s CTO, highlighted the company’s commitment to sustainable growth by presenting the technologies implemented to achieve a remarkable 20% annual growth rate in Europe. Central to this strategy is a robust platform that enables Radial to onboard new customers, scale operations, and integrate automation technologies efficiently. The partnership with Manhattan was emphasized as pivotal in fulfilling customer commitments and driving sustainable growth.

Radial’s distribution warehouse in Groningan, the Netherlands, with AMR robots and bin lifters

Meet Our Supply Chain Innovations 2024 Team

At the forefront of Radial’s presence at the event in Antwerp stood a team of dedicated individuals. With a shared passion for supply chain innovation, they shared valuable insights, and demonstrated our latest solutions. Let’s meet them:

Dries De Love, Executive Vice President Europe, leads Radial’s European operations. He is responsible for Radial’s European fulfilment, transportation, customer care and omnichannel technology divisions. Before joining Radial, Dries led his own consultancy business, assisting leading European retailers with their logistics needs. With a wealth of fulfillment experience, Dries also held senior positions at global logistics and port operator, Katoen Natie. Dries earned a Master’s in economic studies from the EHSAL management school and a Master’s in General Management from the Vlerick Business School.

Ruben Tiben in a black shirt standing in Radial's distribution warehouse in Groningen

Ruben Tiben, Operations Manager in Groningen, played a key role in the Dematic automation project. He oversees the integration of new customers into the facility and drives continuous improvement of existing processes. Formerly, Ruben managed logistics for a Dutch online retail leader, guiding the company to market dominance. At IKEA, he led outbound operations, innovating direct-to-customer delivery strategies. Renowned for his focus on efficiency and customer satisfaction, Ruben is committed to optimizing processes and advancing industry growth.

Jan Dierckx, Chief Technology Officer, leverages two decades of IT expertise. He has worked on a wide range of projects, including e-commerce solutions, customer relationship management (CRM) systems, and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. He is an expert in cloud computing and big data analytics and advocate for the use of technology to improve business performance and customer experience.

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