Radial exhibits at Ecommerce Berlin Expo 2024

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Explore Radial’s moments at the Ecommerce Berlin Expo 2024. Learn how we connected with top brands, explored new partnerships, and demonstrated our innovative solutions for better customer experiences. Meet our dedicated sales team, who were on hand at the fair, ready to discuss how Radial can elevate ecommerce business.

Ecommerce Berlin Expo 2024 kicked off On February 22nd, 2024 at the STATION Berlin venue. This annual B2B Expo & Conference drew in over 17,000 participants from Germany, Switzerland and Austria, and all over the world. It boasted a lineup of 280+ exhibitors, including industry leaders, visionaries, and innovators. Among them were Tesla, Ikea, Flaconi, Otto, Refurbed, Motatos and many more.

Erik van Dee – Sales Director Strategic Accounts, summed up Radial’s participation in ECommerce Berlin Expo 2024:

Engaging with prominent ecommerce brands allowed us to strengthen relationships and lay the groundwork for potential collaborations.

These discussions were insightful and promising. Radial is a go-to partner for ecommerce seeking innovative and highly effective fulfillment solutions tailored to European customers.

As part of the bpostgroup, we have the financial capacity to invest in our customers and innovation. Yet, we remain a lean and entrepreneurial organization deeply committed to customer satisfaction”.

Ecomm Expo Berlin

Focus on new technologies and AI

This year’s E-Commerce Berlin Expo brought a stage dedicated to artificial intelligence and new technologies. This segment served as a platform to discuss the role of artificial intelligence in revolutionising ecommerce businesses of all scales, technology trends and forecasts.

The e-commerce industry continues to evolve. Above all, integration of data and AI-based solutions into order fulfillment has become a key success factor for Radial. From optimising supply chain logistics to improving the customer experience, Radial is unlocking new levels of efficiency, profitability and innovation in order fulfillment operations.

The Berlin trade show provided an opportunity to showcase our achievements and connect with companies looking for cutting-edge, tailored solutions. Radial’s experts offered first-hand insight into the company’s offering and confirmed its position in digital commerce logistics.

Radial Germany in the heart of the EU

Stephan Friebel – Site Lead Radial Germany, presented Radial’s site located in Halle, at the heart of the EU’s logistics network. He said:

Our customers value our streamlined processes, faster turnaround times, and swift order delivery. With semiautomated setup and advanced systems, including 3500 m of conveyors and Pick to Light technology, Radial in Halle ensures seamless operations for every customer.

Situated near major shipping hubs and Leipzig Airport, we extend order cutoff times, offering flexibility and timely deliveries.

Plus, our expert team is dedicated to optimizing processes and providing cost-efficient solutions, empowering retailers to focus on growing their business. Count on Radial for top-notch service and reliability at every stage of your e-commerce journey”.

Radial’s site in Halle

Tailoring fulfillment solutions for ecommerce

Radial’s participation in the Ecommerce Berlin Expo 2024 proved its commitment to excellence in tailoring fulfillment solutions for the ecommerce sector. As the industry continues to evolve in the face of technological disruption, Radial remains at the forefront, empowering businesses with the tools and insights needed to thrive in digital world.

Andreas Kreickmann, Sr. Sales Director Europe (East), commented: “In DACH region many companies can enhance their bottom line by leveraging our expertise in e-commerce and direct sales fulfillment, as well as tailored warehouse process automation and robotization. We can offer guidance and advice on any growth-driven project. Our capabilities extend beyond Germany; we also operate in Poland, which is seamlessly connected to the German transportation system, enabling us to deliver most orders within 24 hours. Additionally, we have a presence in the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, and the UK“.

Radial at Ecomm Expo Berlin

Radial’s Ecomm Berlin Expo Sales Team

Introducing our Ecomm Berlin Expo Team

A team of dedicated individuals represented Radial at the E-Commerce Berlin Expo 2024. They brought expertise and passion for ecommerce innovation, engaging with attendees, sharing insights, and showcasing our cutting-edge solutions. Get to know the faces behind Radial:

Andreas Kreickmann – Senior Sales Director Europe (East), has over 20 years of experience in B2B and B2C marketing and sales. He embodies the ethos of ‘Think globally – act locally.’ His expertise encompasses international retail, e-commerce, order fulfillment, and customer service processes, rendering him fluent in global business dynamics. Andreas specializes in international multi-channel and omni-channel business. He has forged a reliable network within the German and European Retail & ECommerce Industry. He excels in crafting tailored strategies to sustainably scale international ecommerce businesses.

Stephan Friebel – Site Lead Radial Halle, Germany, is a logistics professional with 23 years of experience. He has seen logistics evolve from manual to highly automated operations and is at the forefront of driving efficiency and innovation in this field. Stephan’s achievements include launching a greenfield project in Germany for a globally renowned fashion ecommerce brand. He transformed an 80,000-square meter warehouse from manual to fully automated operations within two years. He enjoys working with people and excels in fostering teamwork and collaboration.

Erik van Dee – Sales Director Strategic Accounts. Dynamic and creative eCommerce professional dedicated to revolutionizing business supply chain and transport ecosystems through Radial’s cutting-edge solutions. With a passion for driving innovation, committed to delivering best results for his clients. Since 2017, focused on Warehousing & Fulfillment, with a specialized emphasis on e-commerce logistics. Leveraging his experience and expertise, he elevates success for brands, retailers, and online shops, by designing and implementing tailored and innovative fulfillment solutions.

Denny Kalmring – Sales Director, DACH region is an experienced professional with over 22 years in the fashion industry. Serving as the Area Sales Manager for North-East Germany for over 13 years, he represented a portfolio of 18 renowned brands. His expertise extends across online retailers, wholesalers, and traditional retailers. He excels in driving growth and fostering strong industry relationships.

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