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Radial and byrd, a pioneering technology-driven logistics platform, embarked on a strategic collaboration to elevate 3PL fulfillment solutions in Germany. Radial now oversees the logistics and fulfillment operations for a range of existing and new byrd customers, operating from a dedicated hall within its warehouse in Halle.
Radial’s distribution center in Halle

Radial and byrd are collaborating to proactively explore automation in ecommerce fulfillment services in Germany, enhancing operational quality and efficiency. Future plans include expanding beyond Germany to new European or North American markets. This synergistic partnership leverages technological innovation, logistical expertise, and global reach, promising industry breakthroughs.

Benefits for ecommerce customers

This collaboration will provide ecommerce customers with an even higher level of fulfillment services. It draws on both Radial’s ecommerce experience and innovative technology solutions, including byrd’s proprietary WMS (Warehouse Management Systems). Radial’s Halle warehouse staff will meet the high demands of byrd’s customers immediately and seamlessly thanks to the systems’ smooth implementation and ease of use, eliminating the need for intensive training.

byrd’s customers will benefit from improved order fulfillment services, characterised by specific metrics for which Radial is known, such as:

  • on-time dispatch,
  • fulfillment accuracy,
  • precise cut-off times,

Moreover, they will also gain excellent growth prospects in the German and international markets.

Elevated logistics

Besides, byrd benefits also from the consolidation of its’ warehousing, reducing from three to one, which provides better control and optimisation. Radial’s strong expertise in logistics and automation will support byrd’s business scalability and top-level service.

Alexander Leichter, CEO of byrd says: – This is a win-win partnership: byrd is gaining access to premier e-commerce logistics expertise, elevating our capacity to provide merchants with unparalleled fulfillment quality, with increased levels of automation and speed. At the same time, Radial is able to leverage byrd’s technology and state of the art Warehouse Management System to unlock new growth opportunities.

New sales channel

This collaboration presents promising possibilities for increased revenue and expansion with existing and potential customers. byrd will serve as a supplementary sales channel for Radial. This will enable the 3PL fulfillment provider to access to untapped customer segments.

Domien Pieters, Chief Commercial Officer, Radial: “We attentively heed the market channelling efforts into innovative and automation solutions. Our aim is to solidify our position as the premier B2C ecommerce fulfillment partner. By collaborating with byrd, a tech-centric entity, we open the doors to highly specialised quality services in new customer segments while bolstering our technology expertise. First in our site in Germany and later in our distribution centers across Europe. This partnership is poised to elevate customer experience within the fulfillment industry to remarkable levels”.

Germany – a gateway for future expansion 

While the current collaboration is centred around Radial’s site in Halle, it is a stepping stone for the expansion into additional countries and Radial’s distribution centers locations across Europe. It is also promising for U.S. brands and partners. It provides them access to a well-connected fulfillment network in Europe, thus effectively supporting their business growth ambitions.

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byrd: technology-driven logistics platform

byrd offers an ecommerce fulfillment platform to online shops, enabling them to outsource and control their entire logistics on a global scale with a few clicks. The cloud-based logistics software integrates with leading e-commerce systems, which offer maximum automation and transparency. The scaleup was founded in 2016 in Vienna and uses its software to connect more than 500 online retailers with fulfillment centres and shipping services across 7 European countries, which, thanks to its network of 25 warehouses, is the largest of its kind in Europe. Their logistics network enables rapid growth and brings online merchants closer to their customers, reducing delivery costs and shipping times. As a result, it helps retailers to turn shipping into a competitive advantage.

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