Fall 2023: Fulfilling Promises from Click to Delivery

Fall Forward with Radial: Explore Our Fall ’23 Updates & Commercial Innovations

We’re committed to fulfilling promises from click to delivery. As seasons change, our dedication remains unwavering in our mission to consistently inform, inspire, and invigorate our clients and partners. 

Experience firsthand how we embody our promise, encapsulating every step from the initial click to the final delivery.  

Unleashing Automation

At Radial, we’re constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation to deliver the best for our clients. Our most recent enhancement at the Louisville fulfillment center exemplifies our commitment to state-of-the-art automation: introducing the Robotic Putwalls. These advanced systems, perfected in collaboration with AI leader Covariant, are tailored for optimal batch-picking of a wide range of health and beauty items. The result? Exceptional accuracy and unparalleled speed that elevate our operations to new heights and help you deliver on your brand promises.


See the groundbreaking innovation in action as our robots redefine the future of fulfillment.

API Evolution: Tailored Integration for Tomorrow’s Needs

As technologies advance and the ways businesses interact diversify, we are ever-committed to staying ahead of the curve. While standards evolve, we ensure seamless integration tailored to our clients’ unique needs. Beyond our traditional SFTP features, we’re introducing upgrades to our robust suite of APIs. These APIs streamline interfacing — from orders to inventory transactions, offering real-time data access, efficient updates, easy automation, and secure scalability. By continuously enhancing our integration methods, we position our clients at the forefront of their industries, ensuring they’re equipped to meet the challenges of tomorrow while achieving their operational goals today. 

Seamless Shopify Integration

Radial’s Certified Promise

Radial doesn’t just deliver tailored solutions to enhance your brand; our certification signifies our seamless integration prowess with Shopify and Shopify+. This ensures:

  1. Optimized data flow, ensuring efficient order fulfillment and shipping.
  2. Elevated experiences for both brand and consumers.

With our Shopify certification, Radial boasts an in-depth platform understanding, maintains unparalleled standards, and offers expert insights. Plus, our access to Shopify’s vast resources ensures Radial stands as a prime choice for businesses aiming to enhance their logistics and fulfillment.

Leveraging Section 321: Duty-Free, Compliant US Imports

With Radial’s commitment to innovation and streamlined operations, tap into the transformative power of Section 321. By strategically utilizing our advanced logistics systems, store your inventory in neighboring countries like MX/CA, thereby optimizing your supply chain and ensuring your products are always within arm’s reach of your US customer base.

With clearance for shipments valued up to $800, businesses have the opportunity to pocket savings of 20-25+%, particularly with China-sourced goods. Our vast experience and deep understanding of international trade ensure that you harness this exceptional opportunity while remaining compliant, mitigating potential risks. While there are restrictions, the benefits are tangible: reduced shipping costs, simplified paperwork, and expedited clearance. Additionally, our robust infrastructure supports this initiative, further facilitating smooth transitions and operations. In the fiercely competitive global eCommerce landscape, leveraging Section 321 with Radial’s expertise is your key to heightened profits and a significant competitive edge.

Empowering eCommerce

Insights from Radial’s Consumer Survey

Understanding today’s shopper is paramount. Radial delved into the eCommerce realm to gauge how payment solutions and fraud prevention impact consumer loyalty and experience in 2023. Key findings include:

  • A significant 58% of consumers prefer brands offering diverse payment methods.
  • Nearly half express concerns over website security and the use of their personal information.
  • Surprisingly, 1 in 3 have faced fraud in the past six months.


Striking the Balance Between Profitability & Customer Experience

Achieving the perfect blend of customer experience and profitability remains essential in today’s eCommerce landscape. A recent study by Retail Dive reveals:

  • Strategies to Simultaneously Build Customer Relationships & Profitability: Discover how a revamped fulfillment process can help you achieve this delicate balance.
  • Employee Retention Through Outsourced Fulfillment Services: Dive into innovative approaches that improve employee experiences while optimizing operational efficiency.
  • Beyond Free Shipping: Unearth creative solutions that top retailers are adopting to nurture customer loyalty, without relying solely on free shipping.


Global Reach, Local Touch

Unlock International Expansion with Radial’s Global Footprint

Considering European market expansion? Radial streamlines your move, offering quick processing, cost savings, and local expertise. Highlighting our commitment, the recent launch of our state-of-the-art Groningen facility in the Netherlands showcases 280,000 sqft of innovation. As you chart your 2024 expansion, consider Radial’s strong presence in key European markets as your partner in growth.

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