Radial propels Zinzino’s global expansion

Zinzino, the global brand from Scandinavia, is committed to enhancing personal health and wellness worldwide through cutting-edge biotechnology, health testing, and an innovative product portfolio. As a Swedish direct sales company, Zinzino develops and sells food, skincare, and lifestyle products. The company is continuously expanding its presence into new countries.

Jakob Spijker, Zinzino Europe’s COO:

By the end of 2025, we want at least 1 million customers to use our products, by 2035 there should be as much as 20 million. So we will be sending a lot of parcels in collaboration with Radial.

Challenges for the fulfillment partner

For Zinzino, it is crucial that customers worldwide receive their products as quickly as possible and in good condition. Due to its rapid growth, the company required an experienced and ready-for-implementation partner in Europe.


To support their needs and strengthen the delivery of ZinZino’s customer promise, Radial provided:

  • Extensive expertise in order fulfillment services
  • The global network of warehouses
  • Cross-border shipping
  • Reliable transport solutions
  • Radial’s technology platform

Furthermore, Radial demonstrated a commitment to growing with its customers, making it an ideal partner for ZinZino’s expansion efforts.

Radial supports ZinZino’s expansion plans

  • +100
    markets across the Globe
  • 1M
    customers by 2025
  • 20M
    customers by 2035

Start in Poland

The cooperation began with Radial’s facility in Poland. Within two months of signing the contract, the first parcels were shipped. The implementation of the solution encompassed system integration and transportation of goods. Introducing new services in Poland led to cost savings, decreased delivery times, and heightened customer satisfaction.

Radial’s distribution warehouse in Poland is highly experienced in fulfillment services & cross-border shipping for direct selling companies

Thanks to Radial, following the first project in Poland, we were very quickly able to integrate other distribution centers.


Jakob Spijker, ZinZino

Expansion to the US and Asia

As a member of the bpostgroup, Radial was able to provide ZinZino with locations in Europe and worldwide.

After starting fulfillment operations in Poland, Zinzino expressed interest in expanding to the United States. Leveraging its expertise in operational processes from Europe, Radial quickly began distributing packages for the American market from the Richwood warehouse.

The next phase of expansion targeted the Asian market. Radial opened a distribution centre in Hong Kong and Malaysia specifically for Zinzino.

Game-changing software

Radial’s user-friendly software seamlessly links Zinzino’s IT systems with distribution centers, enabling one-time integration. Regardless of different technology platforms, all warehouses can be interconnected through the same interface, minimizing IT integration hours and leading to enhanced efficiency and cost savings. Zinzino benefits significantly from this solution, as its employees seamlessly connect with distribution centers across Europe, the US, and Asia.

Its quality is of a very high level. It is not only a very user-friendly and flexible tool, it also made the integration with our own cloud-based software effortless. The Radial software was a real driver of our expansion into other growth markets with Radial.

Jakob Spijker, Zinzino Europe’s COO

20 million customers by 2035

In the coming years, Radial will continue to build on the Swedish company’s growth path. Zizino sells products in over 100 countries worldwide and is still betting on new markets.

An average of 100,000 ZinZino parcels are shipped every month. Radial handles and delivers about half of these.

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