Boom Fulfillment Center



Conquer Europe from Radial Boom, Belgium.

Highly flexible site that caters to retailers with specific storage and value-added needs
Managed by a team with decades of experience in both ecommerce fulfillment and last-mile delivery requirements.

30 minutes to bpost hubs, late cut-offs, serves Belgium & neighbors (France, Netherlands, Germany, Luxemburg).

Key features

  • Close to bpost sorting
  • Late cut-off times
  • Best transport rates
  • Scalability

Fast-paced fulfillment

Situated just 30 minutes from bpost sorting centers, Radial Europe Boom boasts late cut-off times with direct injection into the bpost network, ensuring swift order processing and delivery.

European reach

Existing line-haul lanes for domestic and international shipping streamline distribution across Belgium, and beyond. Reach neighboring markets like France, Netherlands, Germany, and Luxembourg quickly and efficiently.


Our team boasts decades of experience in e-commerce fulfillment and last-mile delivery. Plus, enjoy the peace of mind with our highly secure site featuring dedicated 24/7 security.


Optimised for low cost deliveries (such as letterbox deliveries) to drive satisfaction and eliminate costs.

Strategic Locations & Streamlined Delivery:

  • Centralized Hubs: Radial boasts fulfillment centers in key European locations, including Milan (Italy), Manchester (UK), Groningen (Netherlands), Boom (Belgium), and more. These strategic hubs offer easy access to major carriers and motorways, ensuring swift deliveries throughout your target markets.
  • Gateway to Neighboring Countries: Specific locations, like Boom in Belgium, provide effortless access to neighboring markets like France, Germany, Netherlands, and Luxembourg. Existing line-haul lanes further simplify distribution across borders.
  • Late Order Cut-Offs & Fast Order Processing: Many Radial locations, like Boom (Belgium), offer late order cut-off times with direct injection into carrier networks. This translates to faster processing and timely deliveries, even for last-minute orders.

Expertise & Flexibility to Meet Your Needs:

  • Industry Savvy: Whether you deal in fashion & beauty (Milan, Groningen), or cater to a broader range (Manchester), Radial Europe has teams with decades of experience in handling your specific product categories. This ensures proper storage, handling, and compliance with relevant regulations.
  • Scalable & Flexible Operations: Radial understands that e-commerce demands can fluctuate. Their fulfillment centers offer highly flexible storage solutions and adaptable order processing to cater to seasonal surges, new product launches, or unique business needs.
  • Value-Added Services: Go beyond basic fulfillment with Radial’s comprehensive suite of services. They can handle kitting and assembly for gift sets, provide customized packaging to elevate your brand experience, and even manage subscription fulfillment programs to keep your customers coming back for more (available at locations like Milan).

Security & Peace of Mind:

  • Advanced Security Measures: Radial prioritizes the safety and security of your inventory. Their fulfillment centers, like the one in Boom (Belgium), feature highly secure sites with dedicated 24/7 security personnel. This ensures your products are well-protected throughout the fulfillment process.

By partnering with Radial Europe, you gain access to a network of strategically located fulfillment centers, a team with extensive industry knowledge, and the flexibility to adapt to your business’s unique needs. Experience the benefits of swift deliveries, secure storage, and value-added services designed to elevate your e-commerce operations and customer satisfaction.

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