Reduce High Processing Fees & Prevent Fraud With Pay By Bank

Cut Transaction Fees by Up to 80%

Are high payment transaction fees and increasing fraudulent activity weighing down your business? Eliminate these headaches and cut transaction fees by up to 80% with Radial’s Pay by Bank solution, powered by Link Money.

Why Choose Pay by Bank?

  • Cost-Effective: Say goodbye to high payment transaction fees eating into your profits. Pay by Bank offers a cost-effective alternative that keeps more money in your pocket.

  • Fraud Protection: Combat fraudulent activity head-on with our robust security measures. Protect your business and your customers’ sensitive data with confidence.

  • Seamless Integration: Integrate Pay by Bank seamlessly into your existing payment systems. No hassle, no disruption – just smooth, secure transactions.

Take Control of Your Payments Today!

Ready to eliminate high fees and fraud risks? Contact us now to learn more about how Pay by Bank from Radial can revolutionize your payment process and protect your business.